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  1. whats the reason for you calling me a dumbass. just because you've been in this foums longer than i have doesn't give you the right to call me names. that don't sound right. and also when someone mocks me and makes fun of me i'm not suppose to say anything about it. common man lets be honest here. if someone started talking shlt to you from somebody you don't know i'm pretty sure you'll be doing the same thing what i'm doing. i'm just retaliating here. i didn't start this whole thing. you need to talk to jedi_anakin_s. and also what do you mean " people have other stuff to do before they cator to your every need " i just asked a simple question. what does *bump* mean. and when i said " where the hell is klorel " i didn't mean it to sound so serious more like a sarcasm man because he's been gone for quite a while. i knew why he was gone but i just said that as a joke. just because i'm new it doesn't mean you can treat me like shlt. i'm just tryin to fit in, sorry if i tried too soon.

  2. Enjoi9187 there no reason for you calling me a dumbass. you're out of line buddy. right now you are speaking out of your ass cuz SHlT just comes out of your mouth. what you just said sounds so corny. you are such a cornball. Melon don't jump to conclusions. you don't know the whole story. i think jedi_anakin_s really have something agaisnt me. i don't deserve this kinda treatment. sure i had a couple of typos and slang in my posts but theres no reason for jedi_anakin_s talk to me the way he does.


    " Eye dunt be underztandng what you be tryin to szay, broham. whi dunt u just drzop the phake black thang and spak intelygenly, liken the rest of us mofos? "


    whats that all about


    whats the deal with you and ebonics. do you have something against black people, seriously??? you're way too sarcastic on that comment. this is not the first time this happen. check the WIP: Old Ben Kenobi thread. he flip out on me for mispelling a word. whats up with that. so Melon please don't jump the gun if you don't have a clue whats going on. just because i talk different it doesn't make me less of a person than you. sorry if i'm not talking proper english but there is no excuse for name calling and stereotyping.

  3. jedi_anakin_s i just want to ask you something. what's an " inane bable " thats a new word that i haven't heard before. common you do the same thing too. no ones perfect. everybody type typos here and there. if i made you mad i'm sorry but you really push me to the end. you were making fun of how i talk, calling me names, you don't even know me. whats wrong with the word "da" seriously. you act like an english teacher. you take the way i talk much seriously than the topic. stick to the thread instead of picking on people you don't even know. i hate how you talk down to me. theres no need for that. if the way i talk really gets to everybody then i'll stop but if you keep replying with stupid remarks i having nothing to do but retaliate.


    everybody i'm sorry if the tread got a bit sidetrack. i just had to say what i have to say. please continue.

  4. holy SHlT jedi_anakin_s for real get off my DICK. thats like the 5th time you tryin to diss me. damn my bad if i left out an E in robe. but why do you care so much. and why do you always say something stupid after my posts. you always talk down to me. this is not the first time you did this. i think your really got something against me. get this in your head this is not an essay why are you taking my spelling or grammar so seriously. thats just pointless. everyone knows what i'm tyin to say you just wanna be a dick about it though. damn you need to get a life. i mean you registered in september right and you already have 100 or so posts. i guess you have a lot of time in your hands or maybe most of your posts are stupid just like what you just wrote. for real you taking this whole star wars thing a bit too serious. i bet in your own little world you think you are the real anakin and you make your friends call you annie. anyways i suggest some counseling or maybe some prozac might help if not i really don't know what else to say.

  5. wats da whole *bump* thing going on. wats dat suppose to mean. i'm not familiar with dat terminology. sorry kinda new with this. anywayz, where da hell is Klorel. we haven't heard from him for a long time. i don't wanna sound annoying but is he going to release this model or what. it would really be a waste if he don't. this the only model does mace windu justice. hey klorel if you are there hope you send some updates or better yet a release date.

  6. tercero, when you're done with the anakin model are you doing obi, qui-gon, mace. basically you are just going to skin them from the anakin model right. i think it would be really smart if you do that rather than starting over with the leia model. and i have one question when you do the obi skin are doing episode 1 or 2 or maybe even both. i think it would be great if you do both.

  7. Don't get me wrong chesire's darth maul is great one of the best models out there. but there are a couple of flaws. i think in my opinion the model looks skinny. also i've notice when you are taunting or moving the arms back and forth the upper arms seems to sagg. it looks like its stretching out off the shoulders. and plus its getting old, its not exciting as it was at first. i was hoping for an up dated version but i don't think Chesire is planning on that.

    I think creating another darth maul is a good idea. specially by tercero.having variety of outfits i think we'll bring back the essence of this character. and also make darth maul fans happy.



    Wouldn't this be a kool model:



  8. hey tercero i think you are one of the top notch modelers out there. your anakin is coming out great. very precise and accurate. i have an idea, how about DARTH MAUL. make it with 3 skins, 1 with regular outfit, 2 with a robe and the hood, and 3 shirtless showing his body tatoo. this is just a suggestion. this idea just pop up in my head right after i seen the screen shots of your anakin model. and i was thinking with your skills and talent you can pull it off.




    hey everybody what do you think. ( Darth Maul ) good or bad idea???

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