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  1. ah yeha.. what eltse could it have been.. or whudevu you say.


    so. i like to make a nudanceday.. or a harrypotter reading nite.. and after reading burning it .. (it isnt bad anymore since ELECTRONIC PAPER SOLUTIONS so f++k a.h. AND the media BOOK is wasting resources!!! SAVE THE EEL eh WALE eh WOOD!! .. err OK then we will RECYCLE them after reading.)


    so first we have to match up whos gonna doing whom? or lets doing it all together ..


    Hey Roy ..




    .. are you a frontman .. or more the one in the back ..?






  2. wow.. whats going on here..


    ZOOM and EDLIB .. you take the words dirctly from my tounge ..


    (please put them back... ;P)


    With facts i meant the things we KNOW and even DONT know.. they are as they are even if we dont recognized them yet.


    THEORIES change with the time.. e.g. GRAVITY ..

    but gravity, call it what you want and explain it like you want..


    GRAVITY does what GRAVITY is doing..


    THAT is a fact.. is IS. If we can handle it or not.


    a theorie is an attempt for the causal explaination of a fact.

  3. Originally posted by Neil Joshi

    Of course i'm not a fascist git, so I wouldn't say that. ;)




    Hey.. it's just some words.. and i just wanted to know about spud and spoot.


    personally i think there's nothing bad on it .. i was used in the past by som stupid people.. why should we care for it..?? i mean today we are able to say what could be said.. why should the past bother us..? I dont pay respect for such creepy things?? This will keep them alive for ever. And i dont think i really can hit people by calling them "Hey you potato you.. (i eat you up!)" .. doesnt it just sounds like .. huh? What does this silly sucker wants from me?? Food??????? Hmmm..


    Me and my friends personally call ourselves 'Niggahrz' sometimes

    .. taken from the german word "Nicker" based on "Kopfnicker" .. means "Headnodder" .. Yeah and this just means "HIPHOP or uncool" and refers to our fav-mus .. .. and Nicker goes near to Nigger.. and so on. Phonetic viewed.. So it developed.. and til now there was no reason for stopping this..


    So if i call my friend Nigger then it just means "little asslickin hiphopchild sitting on the ground nodding with his head to that ****ing music .. "


    And we did it with many words, if they where "bad" or "good" ..


    Is it bad?? No. Just mixed abstracted language.. so what?




    ps .. and as you see i didnt have to talk about other meanings of the word one time .. no bombs dropped no blood spread .. no people enslaved .. just some nice stupid words from me ..

    isnt it cool? racists are a dying race..



    [EDIT] ****SUCKBALLSTITS .. hey .. it doesnt work proper.

  4. edlib.. what you say is right.. again .. TOTALLY RIGHT.


    i divide these what is the truth or not thingsys: The truth and the FACTS.


    Truth is interpretation. Fact is what actually EXISTS.


    e.g. Whatever rain is in called/interpreted/whatever in which REALITY isnt important.

    Fact is it RAINS. And rain is rain as it rain is. .. hm. hope you get it..



    another thing.. see i dont believe in gods etc .. i dont believe this biblestuff and so on all that darkbadworldcrap and hellNstuff..


    but if you watch at the sense it keeps deep deep in it ..


    who and why could someone write down such early "laws", coz it is a law in the farest contex.. (these 10 "orders" [what is it called in english])

  5. Originally posted by STTCT

    I think we should have One thread where everyone can come and introduce themselves. That's how I think it should be handled. Some stikied thread that says "Welcome Newbies - Introduce Yourself Here" or something like that.


    This would be the way ..

  6. So you dont missed nutting..


    except of the fun seeing how silly people get if they are closed away, knowing they will be watched all the time. Just like in here. So stay. And be part of the joy. If it ever starts.


    Roy, where are the ten bucks? I want to ask DAS MOLE about the start.







  7. Roy.. i dont get it. it just dont works .. i've just cursed all mods.. and after that i recognized that is an ADMINS job ..

    (sorry you mods.. the hairs on the tounge will just fall off with the time..)


    So Roy.. will you give me a ticket-CREDIT (until i can pay it) if i go around and punish people to join your lottery????????


    I can punish people very well, coz there is not the tiniest track of pepperpint in my mouth...

  8. ..hey Andy ..


    What do you think of.. like share me with another RAYTORDES HighClassGirl???? If some admin fix my prob with spending creds .. see i am ugly and noone is interrested in me .. but thank ROY and his great service .. which enables me to get a girl..(or two/tree??) for giving money ..

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