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  1. Well I did read a lot of it, but I don't really follow the part where Lenatha and Andorra went away from the group, what I mean is, what happened in the time when Lenatha and Andorra left the party? I know that Andorra wanted to get away from all of it but I want to answer Kalla something that would explain the distancing between them and how she is not really trying to do that on purpose.

  2. Perfect, it's really late over here so I will reply tomorrow morning ;)

  3. Oh yeah, I'll try to have the revision done by tomorrow ;)

  4. hmmm sounds interesting, I haven't read you character sheet but I will and get back to you on it ;)

  5. well I already put up my character sheet if you want to check it out :D if you wanted for us to colaborate like Writer and I are doing in the Brieder war RP you can also tell me, and I'll edit accordingly :)

  6. I'm a little sick, I sometimes try to get to write my post but I don't feel well and I kinda have to stop. I will be back tomorrow tho and post some.

  7. railguns take time to fire, so any rapid firing railgun at this point is impossible. What the Titan12 armor does have is a mounted Rail gun with devastating power but it fires 4.5 shots per minute and continuous fire causes the barrel to overheat so the gun comes offline by itself until it's cooled enough.

  8. Shana

    yeah, I just got to move it along so we can get to the fighting :D

  9. sure, that'd be great :D sorry I haven't replied on the story, I am going through my old drives trying to find the list of powers, but I'm kinda having a hard time finding them :p

  10. ah no worries XD

  11. That's great, I do have a list of her supermoves as well as the other characters.... just let me look for it

  12. yeah! It's awesome :D

  13. thanks, I tried it in the old JK Forums here a really long time ago, but I thought it'd be nice to bring it back and so far it's been great, reuniting a lot of us that we used to RP here before, so I'm really happy this is working out.

  14. excellent, I'll take a look

  15. I've been really busy but good, how about you? What have you been up to?

  16. kk, I will read it and get back to you ;)

  17. Shana

    I just read your post and I just wanted to clarify a few things, while the whole thing about the fossil fuels is the trigger of the situation, it was 500 years ago, and the war right now is not something provoked by humans, but rather the brieders, who were human at one point but now are violent and aggressive creatures.


    If you played resistance, it's kinda like the Chimera but with the leadership of them are kind of like the leaders of the Helghast in Killzone.

  18. Well I posted, so I hope it's alright as a start.

  19. so, in Sith Resurrection, where do you need me? What duty is Lenatha performing right now and what would you like her to do at this point?

  20. And it's up :D this is gonna be great ;)

  21. It's ok, I'll be waiting for it

  22. Awesome! I love their character sheets and I can't wait to RP together :D

  23. it's ok, I'll try and write a few things and send them to you ;)

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