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Cantina 13: Rebellion


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((Deac, i'm kinda waiting on some Byss stuff :)))





*Irvine gets to his shuttle, it was intact, no one had attempted to take it apart or steal it for that matter.


Irvine force pulls a few nearby emergancy bacta patches mounted on the walls, then does the same with a few of the corpses laid about. Starr might need some if he's in trouble..


He then gets into his shuttle and takes off...*




Ulna Shardes: Portal Room


*Deveraux with out his armour gets thrown into a wall, he helplessly grabs his side as Chimera who also took off his armour.


Chimera steps up to Deveruax and with his claws drawn out he grabs the shoulder of Deveruax, digging inches of his claws into it. He lifts him up, Deveruax screaming in agony, the others left to watch in a formation.*


Chimera *With his eyes literaly glowing red* "How dare you disobey, I did not give the clear to enter that structure! You had risked the life of yourself, and your comrades."


*Deveruax spits up blood, some of it accidently gets on Chimera's uniform, Chimera glares at Deveruax.*


Chimera "You're pathetic. At least you could have done is killed one of them for threatening you.."


*Chimera lifts up Deveruax higher, and unsheathes his sword, a long sctimtar, that curves out and not inward, the blade glows as he readies it to kill Deveruax.


He swings...*



*From behind, very angerly* "THAT IS ENOUGH!!"


*Chimera stops cold dead millimeters from Deveruax, Chimera's expression was fear.


Talon walks in, his eyes the same as Chimera's, he had witnessed the event, he glares at Chimera.*


Talon "I do not have these men trained so that you could kill them! Drop him, now"


*Chimera retracts his claws, and Deveruax drops.*


Talon *Looking at the lined up demons, said firmly* "Take him to the infirmery."


*They rush to pick their comrade up and they scramble out of the room, armour still on.


Chimera turns around and faces Talon.*


Talon *his face, more clamer* "Indeed he had been at fault, but you had your orders to detain and retrieve." *anger returns to his face.* "YOU INCOMPIDENT FOOL, YOU COULDN'T EVEN DO THAT!"


*Talons right arm grows and transforms into a large bird's leg with black feathers. Instantly Talon grabs Chimera with this 'enlarged limb' and pulls Chimera towards him, squeezing at the same time, causing pain through the short trip.


As Chimera was still lifted, now with in a normal arm's reach, Talon slaps Chimera across the face with his left hand, and throws Chimera where Deveruax hit the wall, this time cracking it.*


Talon "Get ready, we're leaving, I'll deal with this myself, and to show you how it's done..."

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[ I was waiting for you to start that. Sorry. Just say their engines broke or something]


*Deac's ship exits the portal in a strange nebula*


Deac: This isn't our universe.


Syrnl: And we have...no way to get back...

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((Good lord, it hasn't even been that long in-RPG, Scar. Just ignore it :p


Sorry for the AWOL-ness XD))



Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine


Bartender: One moment please, she's in the back.


*He disappears for a few moments then reappears. With him is a girl dressed in perfectly ordinary, inconspicuoss clothes. What was not so ordinary or inconspicuous was the fact that her hair was bright green. She is of medium height. She has an oval face with a pointed chin and pointed nose, and large eyes. She appears youthful, but just how old she was - even if she is actually an adult - is much less than obvious. She appears human, but something about the way she moves is strange.


She looks at Nom and Tarila*


Girl: You're here to see me?




SSD Vigilance


*There were five Vanguard, not counting the one slumping slowly to a stop against the hangar wall. The rack of Starr Hailfire's missile launcher still held five missiles. If he could get them all before they could react, syncing with his Force-enchanced speed to match it...


He turned in a circle, firing a single missile at the next Vanguard, then the next, then the next, until all six missiles were fired.


The second, third and fourth missiles hit, blowing their targets backwards. The fifth and sixth missed as their targets activated their teleporters and vanished in bursts of green. The missiles passed through the space where they had been and exploded against the far wall.


His launcher was empty and he discarded it even as the two Vanguards teleported. Still moving at inhuman speed, he turns towards two new burst of green-glowing particles, where he knew his attackers were about to reappear. He activated and hurled two thermal detonators at the bursts.


The explosions hit just as the Vanguard reappeared and they were thrown away.


Ten seconds.


Starr reloaded his launcher and watched as the Vanguard picked themselves off the ground again. None of them were dead. Starr smiled as he noticed they were moving slowly as if hurt, and their shield belts crackled dangerously.


You can't make efficient impact armor with cortosis weaved in it. Stupid.


Perhaps he would be able to finish this fight before Lord Cracken's son arrived. He hadn't even had to draw his lightsabers yet.*

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((Dammit. Post got eaten, so this will be a bit short))


Mos Eisley


*Saria smiles and comes round the counter*


Saria: Funny, you don't look...*she pauses, then offers her hand to Nom, smiling more* My name is Saria. Yours?




Ulna Shardes


*The fourth floor is made up of several arenas and a ship's docking bay. Everything of value was demolished*


Nereli: It seems we're done here. If---


*A voice speaks from his communicator* Inquiry to Nereli. We've detected a power source activating in your general area.


*Suddenly, the lights in the ship's bay turn on*




SSD Vigilance


*The Vanguard take to the air with their jetpacks, now using their rifles. Rapid-fired bolts of ionized, compressed air bombard the area around Starr. He retaliates with his missile launcher, taking advantage of the fact that while they could copy his Force-enhanced reflexes, the jetpacks had limited manuevering capabilty at high speeds*

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Coruscant Space



Irvine in his shuttle was being chased by several fighters.


Irvine getting annoyed by the fighters attempts to disable him, and him not having the time to manualy calculate the course in hyperspeed, due to the computer's automatic plotting damaged.


He quicky changes to comm fequency of that to the fighter's...


Irvine weaves in and out of the fighter's fire, dispite it being a larger ship.*


Fighter 1: "Damnit, why can't we hit this guy?!"


Fighter 2: "Keep frosty blue 4, he'l make his..." *Gaging sound, then an explosion.*


*outside two fighters ram into each other as one of them flys out of control. Inside the shuttle, Irvine with smug look on his face, and opening his fist from choking the pilot...*


Irvine *Just completing plotting the course* "This is taking forever..."


*The shuttle escapes and jumps into hyperspace...*

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((Bad clusters on hard drive + kit got lost on my way back from training camp + Dad decided to redo the floor in three rooms.))


*Dasken Turns to Greer with a wry expression.*


Dasken: I think we better get moving. *Picks up a dead gaurds carbine.* Lets just get straight to your friend, I'd say we lost the elemant of surprise.

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Greer: Got it. This way

*Greer led them through the maitnance passages all the way to the area where Qwera worked. They managed to avoid most security guards. Finally they arrived. Greer communicated with Qwera before entering.*

Greer: Can you find some way to get everyone else out of the way?

Qwera: I can report a bomb threat, and claim to be trying to trace it while the building is evacuated.

Greer: Do it.

*He turned to Dasken*

Greer: Get ready to move in on my signal.

*Meanwhile he called Nom*

Greer: How fast can you have the prisoner ready for us to pick him up?

((And I know that you characters are on Tatooine, just don't want to have a little plot hole there))

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((jokemaster, you need to post in the new PtH thread :D *points to sig*


That goes for you too, Battledog ^_^ and welcome back :D


And hey, while we're on the subject - wildjedi, want to check out PtH as well? [/blatant advertising, as if the sig wasn't bad enough] XD))


Mos Eisley Cantina


*Saria holds Nom's hand for longer than is strictly necessary, then lets go*


Saria: I'm pleased to meet you. They're in the underground...follow me.


*She walks through one of the doors in the back of the Cantina*




SSD Vigilance: Dock


*Starr finally runs out of missiles. One unlucky Vanguard was on the ground, unconscious or dead. Several of the others had survived missile hits, but now had damaged armor. They were still firing their rifles at him, some using mini-rockets as well, but he was too fast for them, and he could sense where their shots would land before they had even fired. Their morale was clearly sinking, and Starr contents himself with weaving out of the way of their shots, not even mounting another attack*


They may be able to copy my reflexes...but they are no Sith.


*The Vanguard stop firing as well. Both sides had run out of ammunition.


Starr smiles and throws away his empty missile launcher. At the same time, with a movement of his hands and arms, he ejects his small lightdaggers from their holsters and manuevers them into place in his gloves, ready for use at any moment.


He then draws his lightsaber and ignites the crimson blade*




SSD Vigilance: Bridge


Admiral Luthen watches the scene in shock. After less than a minute, one of her Vanguards had been defeated, and the others injured. After less than five minutes, they were out of ammunition and they still had not been able to hit the Sith who was taunting them with his silence.


Luthen: *snapping to an officer* I want all the best troops in this ship down in Docking Bay Thirteen as soon as humanly possible. They are not to enter until I give the command, but if they are not ready when I give it, it will be your head!

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Tarila had turned away from Nom and Saria's conversation and was speaking to Greer. She followed as the others left, but she kept her distance. "I don't know where you are, or how long we are planning on being where we are. Until I can figure that out, we are somewhat stuck in this situation."


Meanwhile, Nom followed Saria in silence.

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Greer: All right, I can see you're not on Corusant. We'll need to get out of here quickly when we finish up, so call me when you can set up a pickup point somewhere. I'll wait for it

*Greer put his comlink away. He checked the room, it was being evacuated. He waited for a few more seconds then finally Qwera came back in. He signaled to the others to move. Caruso covered one entrance, Greer, Perez went for Qwera.*

Greer: We're here.

Qwera: Let me finish downloading this stuff

*A few seconds later a data-disk ejected from the computer, she grabbed it*

Qwera: This has everything the New Republic is doing, fleet movements, garrisons, everythign. It also has a list of weakpoints on some shipyardss and bases, along with a list of stragetic targets. I'm ready to go.

Greer: Good. Let's get her out of here.

*Greer started leading the way back out of there*

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Unla Shardes: Surface


*Another portal opens just inside the building where the Blades had entered, Talon and Chimera walk through.


Chimera unsheathes his blade, which begins to glow, lighting up the room. A moment after and Chimera begins leading Talon to the Blades.*

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"Nom," Tarila said, catching up to Nom and Saria. "We have a little meeting we need to arrange."


Here, she broke off into a series of grunts and half-words, sounding almost as if she was combining three different languages, Basic, Wookiee, and Huttese. The only clear Basic word she said was 'Greer', for in the language she and Nom used, there was no equivalent to Greer's name.


Nom answered in the same language and then turned to Saria, who had also stopped. He spoke Basic. "Shall we continue?"

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((OOS: To everyone: Feel absolutely free to make an assassin character for this next part. Especially you people who were in the Karathi RPG, since I'm using my characters from it ;)


The only criteria is that you be an exceptionally good assassin. ;)))




Mos Eisley Cantina


Saria: Certainly. But before you go in...you might want to turn your communicator off. *She winks* Just a friendly warning.


*The three head down several flights of stairs, down several mazelike corridors, and into an empty room. Lying on a table in the center are a wide assortment of strange masks.*


Saria: Some of your fellows in the "business" are already here just before you. *gesturing towards the table* If you like your privacy, you might want to pick up one of these.




Ulna Shardes - Abandoned Vanguard Facility, Fourth Floor


*As the Blades watch, several intact machines in the docking bay begin powering up*


Slythe: What should we do?


Nereli: Wait, but be ready to leave instantly if necessary.


Nereli's Communicator: Gravitational anomaly detected near your location, Nereli. Sending you the details.


*Nereli looks at his scanner*


Nereli: Interesting. It appears that our friends from the surface have returned.




SSD Vigilance


*The Vanguard land, and draw their long staffs again. Starr knew from previous experience that the staffs had a cortosis alloy in them. It wouldn't deactivate his lightsaber, only repel it. He wouldn't be able to cut them up, in other words.


On the other hand...there was another reason he had been using a missile launcher prior to using his lightsaber.


Cortosis ore...in its pure form it can short out a lightsaber blade, but shatters easily in the presence of explosives...


The five remaining Vanguard, seeming to have gained their second wind, form around him closely like a pack of wolves. Long spikes extend from their staffs. Starr brings his lightsaber up into a defensive stance*

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((Welcome back BD. Waiting for your characters to arrive at Godsheim station))


Valen Minor


*The spaceport was quickly secured by the Valkyries huntresses. There was little signs that an attack had taken place, except for the deafening silence. As the Valkyries moved into the actual colony Idona stayed at the makeshift field command and supervised their progress. Live feeds from helmet cams showed Idona what the huntresses saw.


The first actual clue to an attack were deep claw marks on a duracrete wall. The huntress who found those paused only for a second before An hour later the colony was secured, no survivors were found.


Idona was about to head into the colony when a huntress came running up to her.*


Huntress: Mam, we've found something you should see.


Idona: Ok, take me there.


*The two run into the colony, Idona following the huntress to the townhall with numerous claw marks on it.*


Huntress*as they approached*: We believe that the colonist were herded into this building. They probably thought it would be a good place to mount a defense. It just made the beasts job easier.


Huntress *reaching the doors*: It also appears that they had a little celebatory feast.


*The huntress opens the door to reveal a horrid scene. The townhall's meeting room seemed to be painted in blood. Entrails of some of the colonist were littered on the floor. There were also some bones that seemed to have been licked clean.


In the back of the room lay three Ithorians lay toward the back of the room. Two Valkyries were hovering over them examining the dead bodies*


Huntress: Apparently they don't like the taste of an Ithorian.


Idona: At least those bodies can tell us how far behind of them we are.

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Mos Eisley: Cantina Basement: Karathi mask room


Voice from the room, not seen, sinister sounding male "Saria, it seems that Riss has found even more recruits."


*A figure steps out of a partily lit corner, the only visable object seemed to be his mask. His robes blended with the suttle changes in the light, which eventually transformed into a dark obsidian when the three consentrated on his figure.


Wearing a hood matching his robes, covering everything on his head, but his mask. This mask was as oddly sinister looking as his voice. One half of it was white, the other black, a long pointed nose, and a mouth that on the black side was happy, while on the white, sad. The eye holes were wide enough to get a good look at his surroundings with out having too much of his view obstructed.


One could certainly tell he wore this mask all the time, it was his trademark appearence. Sungchi the Jackal, enjoys terrifing his targets, driving them mad before he rips them assunder...*


Sungchi "So meny new recruits. Even during my time I had never seen quite an interesting set of new comers. It would be quite a show to see who makes the cut..." *whips out a set of throwable daggers.*


*he begins to walk up to Saria.*


"It's been so long since I seen you Saria." *the sound of him sniffing the air a bit.* "You're scent,.. So,.. Arousing... But then..."


*With his left hand he touches Tarila's cheeck slightly.*


"Mmm, so young..."

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*over commlink*


Kioet: Hey Aren. Nice Training Facilities you sent me to. I went through all the training they had, but they refused to let me go. Something about me being mentally unstable...These bastards are WEAK. For instance in hand-to-hand I took on all my instructors at once, and won. Anyways I busted out of that hospital prison they locked me in, and well...my ship. It's not here anymore. Is this some kind of joke?

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