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Cantina 13: Rebellion


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((It won't do any good. I'm posting this because it takes almost no thought, and I have almost no time. (and because I get email alerts when ppl reply to these RPGs.)


Hit me after the end of this month, if you wish.


My suggestion here is that we end on a cliffhanger, Cracken has to make some kind of choice and we end, we don't get to see the choice. Next thread we have a time skip, and Cracken is AWOL and only whoever's present at this meeting know what Cracken actually said, what he planned/plans to do and why he's gone, and have taken an oath not to speak of it. Something along those lines. This gives the advantage of getting us out of this plot sinkhole and offers opportunity for creative thinking later on when/if we get around to followup.


(Also, it might entice Cracken to rejoin if he gets to be all mysterious and stuff. ;))


I'll, uh, have to think of something with the assassins. Maybe they can have spent all this time with recon, so they can now know their targets very thoroughly.


BD: Community college, the idea is you transfer to a university with most your lower-unit work completed, and half the work chopped off and for cheaper.))

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You know I think one of the problems we have is the megga post, Red you're the greatest offender here. If instead of posting reams of description and a whole series of actions we should stop being so flamboyant and go back to actually RPing, instead of using this thread to work out the characters for out novels. I realise I'm fully culpable here as well. :)

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((BD, I don’t use these threads to work out characters for novels. And even if I was I don’t believe that’s a bad thing.


I’ll try to reign in the mega-posts, though. I do tend to get carried away.


You know what we could do, if we’re all writing some form of fiction, and we’re all determined to let it bleed into here, is make threads for them hereabouts ala what they do at this forum. (Actually, my novel is one of the things taking time away from here, because I’m doing it for a class.)


I vote you go ahead with your cliffhanger.))

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((I'd call him and threaten him but my cell isn't working. Scar?


FYI I'm still at minimum-activity-status, because I am both moving and applying to colleges this next week and a half.))



((back, a few days w/o cyber cafe... :o



OKAY i'll call the bugger :p))

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((OOC: Cool, permission from the mighty three.))


The Unknown Regions, at the edge of Imperial Space.


*A Fleet of twelve night-black Imperial II-Class Star Destroyers and about twice as many support ships drops out of hyperspace. After reversion the lead ship launches a squadron of TIE Interceptors on point defence.*


*On the bridge of the same ship a grey haired man in the old uniform of an Imperial Starfleet Admiral limps stifly towards the foward viewports. Looking out the viewport was another man. Tall and and cloaked in black only his dark, short cut, greying hair showed from where he stood. As he turned to face the Admiral he showed a broodingly aristocratic face with piecing blue eyes and a narraw clean shaven chin.*


*The Admiral bowed.*


Admiral: Lord Agric, the jump has been completed successfully and our scouts report the system is clear.


Agric: What of my brother, has he retaken Coruscant?


Admiral: No Lord, he appears....Forgive me, my Lord, he appears to have restored the planet to the Rebels.


Agric: Pah! My Father's favorite son is weak. Now he will be swept away, there can be no weakness among the Sith. Set Course for Yaga Minor, Admiral.


*Fade out.*


((OOC: How's that?))

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[Double Post: Wretched Browser trouble]


Coruscant Main Hangar


*Makon Jil is exiting his fighter, when in the distance he notices a figure is standing, waiting for him and smiling.*


Makon: Beler!! *He dashes over and they hug*

I thought you were dead...


Beler: That was the idea...but you got the message, didn't you?


Makon: I knew it! I knew it had to be you!


Jedi Temple


Deac: Well...I guess that settles it. *He goes to a corner and takes out his comm link and calls Raschel [this universe's]* Raschel...I'm going to visit Orthos...he's....he's alive...


Corellian Transport en route to Coruscant


*Elella awakes*


Ellela: Oh no...I've got to warn dad. That guy...he's trouble...




And the Galaxy was safe again....BUT FOR HOW LONG?

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((you know, crackles was kinda pissed at my characters when i made em, i think he'd be even more with yours. considering that him, myself and red had the sleeper story to make and what not. I don't think he'll fit in much...


..and prolly get stomped flat really quick...

sry, but thats just my humble opinion. :)


I'm calling crackle's tonight))




*Havok stands on a lesser of a forgiving planet, abandoning his ship and what crew and resources he had, he travels through a rough pass on a snowy hill. He uses a crooked-shaped staff with an odd headpiece.


When he gets to a peak, he stands next to large jagged rocks coming off of the face of the hill, he looks up into the night sky, sensing a new presence...*

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((Scar: Actually I don't know that Cracken would be pissed, since BD's made another son of Palpatine, which Cracken himself has no control over, but what you did necessitated Cracken taking certain actions, and hijacked his personal history.


Also, the Sleeper story wouldn't really be affected by Palpatine sleeping around and having yet more bastard sons.


Heh. That would be a good Cantina title: The Bastard Sons of Palpatine. XD


BD, how long are you time skipping again?))

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((meh, alrighty


I called up Crackles last night

this is a rough discription of the conversation:




Me: ... Oh yeah, everyone on the boards is getting ticked at me for not calling you about them being ticked at you ((said jokingly))


Crackles: yeah?


Me: Well, they want Cracken to do something


Crackles: I,.. uh... Don't have time for thread RPg's anymore...


Me: Oh, okay, so I take it that with School and your management position, is the due fact that dispite you actually posting now again, you can't devote a serious set of time to an RPG. Even though that you have just barely enough time to make a post here or there??


Crackles: Well, no. It's just that... well yeah.


Me: I mean, BD created a brother for ya and all.


Crackles: Meh.





thats about that... roughly...))

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