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What are you doing when you are not here?


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(Yet another attempt to spark a little new life into this place... Bear with me...)


So what is everybody up to?

I know you aren't wasting time here anymore, ( ;) ) but you must be doing something with all that newfound spare time that all this not posting here leaves you!


So... Let us all know what it is!



Games you are currently playing...

Books you are reading...

Catching up on 8 years of lost sleep...




OK,.. me first, eh?


Games I'm currently playing:


The Temple Of Elemental Evil (Buggy and ill executed as hell, but still kinda fun, and a total nostalgia trip way back to my pimply d20-and-graph-paper-D&D-Nerd days. This is the one that's really chewing up all my free time currently.)


Homeworld 1 and 2 (Don't know how I missed them. I totally suck at them, but am having a blast!)


Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (Came with a sound card I bought. Not bad, but I hate the controls... the last Indy game was better, though.)


Rainbow Six: 3 Raven Shield (Also packed with the card. Cool game, but I'm really terrible at it. Most of my operatives never make it to the end of the level.)


Halo (Already finished it, but it was soo fun I had to go back and try it at the hardest setting. Getting my ass handed to me quite often...)


Tron 2.0 (Been playing this one off and on for a while. I kinda got stuck on one level, so I gave up for a while. Trying to get back into it now)


XIII (I got it for Gamecube. That was a mistake... the controls really bite hard. Shoulda got it for PC. Still, it's a great looking game with a cool storyline once I managed to learn the controls well enough to get anywhere.)


What else I'm up to:


I've been playing with alternate and open tunings on the guitar. I spent so many years just trying to come to grips with plain-ol' vanilla standard tuning that I never really explored any of the other options available. Some of them sound great, especially on acoustic (DADGAD) and they really do make slide work so much easier. Anything you do with a slide sounds awesome in open-D, even if you have no real idea what you are doing!


I also recently borrowed all the flight-training materials (books and videos) from a co-worker's wife who got as far as her first solo flight. I hope to start taking lessons next spring.


I'm also re-reading all of my H.P. Lovecraft books. I don't know what inspired me to pick these up again now,.. but it's surprising how well these really stand up. Something I now appriciate that I didn't when I was younger is how well he describes New England and New Englanders in all his stories. The towns are fictional, but I know of towns that fit his descriptions to a tee. And possibly only Stephen King has crafted such belivably creepy Northeastern small-town residents to populate his books. Great stuff!


I'm currently listening to a lot of XTC. A band I pretty much ignored while they were active and popular. There's some amazingly well crafted intelligent pop songs on these albums.

I've also been listening to Yes: Close To The Edge a lot lately. A WHOLE LOT. Like that's all that has been spinning in my car CD changer for well over a month now. I still haven't gotten bored or tired of it yet either, and I don't think I've really heard everything going on there yet... Amazingly deep album.


Uh... and other than work, that's really about it for me.


So.. how about you???

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Up until friday, I was working in the quality assurance section of the finish grinding department of a local tool and die shop.


I read the somethingawful forums almost all day long when I'm not watching TV or playing NCAA Football 2005. I watch Deep Space Nine as much as possible because I used to have a huge crush on Dax.


I decided I need a hobby, so I picked model railroading. I've been driving around doing research on that stuff lately and will do much more next spring and summer. October too for a few odd reasons.


I'm getting ready to move out of the parents house on thursday.


Planning a huge vacation next summer and trying to figure out where Im going to get the $3500 i need.

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Just so you guys know, I check up on the forums every day, but I haven't had much to post about in the Community Center. But I think I just stumbled on the answer to a problem a few of the newbies have been having...back to the Tech Center after this is posted. :)

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Nute's movin' out and Keyan's gettin' a job! What's this world coming to?!??? :p


It sounds like everybody's growin' up on me here! ;)




I'm taking a few days off from work this week myself.

Unfortunately, I have to spend the majority of that time catching up on some long-neglected housework. As in cleaning this place from top-to-bottom before I get too busy again and it gets put off for another couple of months. By that time it would just be easier to just buy a new place and let this one be condemmed and raized to the ground than to try to actually try to clean it.


Loads-o'-fun. :(

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I just finished my summer co-op job as a VB programmer for a huge mapping software (ArcGIS) and will get back to class on the 8th next month. I learnt a lot in designing and implementing applications and all the bureaucracy behind it so it was cool.


I've had no time for games or guitar during the whole summer, I've dedicated my time on more important stuff: Family, Friends and Nature.


Today, two friends and I just decided, out of the blue, to go to Cuba so I made a rush order for a passport this afternoon and will be leaving on the weekend.


Last weekend, among other fun things, we did a 6.5 Km hike up to the summit of Mt Tremblant. Was great fun.

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Haven't posted inside this forum in months. Whenever I check it, it's either dead or has topic I don't really like posting about. Maybe I'll see topics about the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox again this year if they make into the playoffs, I love those type of topics.


Doesn't matter if I'm not here, I'm not really active member of this forum. :)


I just watch anime, play RPGs and post at other forums. I watch unlicensed animes downloadable through Bit Torrent. I'm replaying Disgaea once again, that's tactical RPG, and I just finished ToS for the GC, excellent game, you should pick it up if you're fan of RPGs and have a GC. And, posting at other forums, don't really need to go into detail.


Well, that's it. Here's hoping I see some topics about MLB in the near future in this forum. :)

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It's mostly Kylilin who drives the baseball discussions around here. I like baseball, but I'm not all that hardcore about it. I get more involved when the Sox are doing really well, but even then I usually don't bother to try to follow it day-to-day.

I actually tend watch more football than anything, but not even much of that.

In fact, I really can't say that I follow any sport all that carefully. I used to follow Formula 1 and Indy-Car racing a bit, but that was years ago.

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I haven't posted here in a while, but I do get on to check out whats going on a couple times a week.


Currently I have been working like crazy, I've had one employee quit and another get canned, so it's been work, work, work... At home most of my time is spent with my wife, then Madden 2005 and MVP baseball 2004. But I'm still around, and will be posting some MLB playoff banter later on this week.

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ed, i love the song "Mayor of Simpleton" by XTC. I haven't heard anything else by them, actually.


Keyan, are you some kind of engineer?


when i'm not here, I'm a full time husband and dad. I have a daughter who is almost 19 mos who keeps me very busy watching veggietales and whatnot. In 23 days I also become a full time student at cal state san bernardino. I haven't worked since the end of May and it doesn't look like I'll be working while I am going to school since I'll be getting loans to cover living expenses and my wife and I are living with her parents.


I play mario party 5 with my wife and I just finished simpsons hit & run on the PC. I'm eagerly awaiting mario party 6 and paper mario 2.


My wife and I are trying for more kids and are also looking into adoption through the state.

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Originally posted by Ikhnaton

ed, i love the song "Mayor of Simpleton" by XTC. I haven't heard anything else by them, actually.

Yeah, that's off of my favorite album by them so far: "Oranges & Lemons." Although everybody tells me that the album to have by them is called "Skylarking," I haven't bought that one yet. The album "Nonsuch" is also very good.


And yes, it's American "Football" that I tend to watch, not what we call "Soccer". I used to like to play soccer,.. but I find it's kinda dull to watch. Same with basketball... puts me right to sleep, although I enjoy playing it.

I like watching hockey, but I don't often sit down and see a full game.

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