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Hot People Thread!!! (*keep it clean*)


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Originally posted by coupes.

I present you Alizée...


OMG i have a GIF on photobucket of her and i always wondered who she was....and now i know!


and thumbs up on Amy Jo and Amy Dumas!! I love Power Rangers(1st and 2nd season only) and Lita first caught my eye when she posed for the cover for WWE magazine...Electrifying Lita was the cover title...anyway ON WARD!


Jessica Simpson


Laura Foy


and a woman named Kyla...cant post pics...get banned....



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Originally posted by BongoBob

Good lord IS, how much of your HD is taken up by hot girl pics.


the pics a bit dated so there are probably a bit more pics.

Originally posted by BongoBob

And how many times do we have to multiply that for the ones that aren't forum appropriate :p


not as many as you think. Probably about 27. and those are from domai and the like. :xp:


anyway, here's Angelina Jolie.

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