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NeoMarz's Ultimate Clone Pack VM


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The head is a seperate texture from the rest of the body... and lately, the rest of the body has been my focus. I meant that the body was finished. Obviously the head isn't done.... neither is Deviss and the lower half of Bly... but you didn't know that part :p.


Your beloved blue stripes will be on the next screen, I promise.


Aww too bad I thought I found something you forgot. :)

Jokes aside, I'm satisfied now.

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Anyone making the 91st Engineering Batallion?


- 41st Elite Legion (Dark grey)


Are you gonna do the land version of the 41st elite legion?




And arent the 212th Attack Batallion Cody's troops?


I believe the 327th Star Corps are Blys troops.


Has anyone considered these?




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hey I just learned that anakin the guy who was making the dc17 gun is not making it anymore. So perhaps marz you could make one? Just a thought.


You're probably talking about me. Smithlord asked me today.

I'm not officially NOT doing it, I just have a lot of other stuff to do that keeps me busy, for example the new animation set for Order 66, and a lot of character modeling.

Ruku and me have been working on that model. It will be ready for the demo release of O66.

Model-wise, the weapon is done for months,...

Well, as I already said, I've got a lot to do, and not only game developing of course.


And as far as I know, it is called DC-15 carbine ;).

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