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The New, Improved One Year Thread: 2006 Edition


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A.K.A.: The 'XWA Annular Thread Spin-o-rama.'

or 'Zoomie's Cave of Bootyistic Delights.'

(Hey... these were the only other names ever suggested.:dozey: )



Well, here 'tis. Loyaltist apparently isn't around to take care of it, so as per Crack's instruction, I'm taking it upon myself.


Best to just get started:




Well, I worked late last night, as is usual for me on New Year's Eve. We had 2 bands: a Israeli jazz pianist; and an older folk singer named Odetta (apparently a legendary figure in folk circles... I'd never heard of her myself.)


The jazz band sparked a protest, if you can believe it. A Palestinian liberation group chose to picket the show, because, apparently, 2 of the band members are originally from Israel. Although from what I could gather, neither of them even live there anymore.

After all the frantic e-mails that had been going around, and all the additional Boston Police details and security forces that showed up, you would have thought that this protest was going to be a ground-shaking event.

About 15 people showed up, and none of them appeared to be particularly prone to violent outburst. In fact, the majority of them looked to be more like tired ex-hippie middle-aged Cambridge housewives.

And while you may or may not agree with their message, I can personally say that if this particular group had gotten together to stage a protest about what I personally was going to order to top my slice of pizza for lunch, they wouldn't have swayed my opinion one bit for even a second, I'm afraid. It hardly had the impact of say, a Buddhist monk setting himself aflame, anyway.


Not exactly the way to spark change on international policies, if you ask me.


Why they chose to pick on a jazz pianist with no apparent political authority (or even aspirations) is also a mystery to me,.. but I guess that's why I'm not out there on snowy nights shouting slogans at strangers, I guess.

Show ran a bit late. Got home after midnight.


This afternoon I went over to my cousin's house for the extended family get-together we normally have at Christmas, but for one reason or another couldn't seem to pull off this year. Had a pretty good time, but practically the second I got home a dizzy spell came over me, and I had to lay down for a couple of hours. It's letting up a bit now, but I still don't feel amazing. At least I wasn't nauseous. I seriously hope I'm not coming down with anything. There were a lot of sick-sounding people sitting around me last night at the show. I hope not, I can't afford to be down with a cold for a few days now. And I'd hate the idea that I might have infected everybody I came in contact with today, (although a few of them already sounded pretty-under-the-weather in one way or another to begin with.)


Better start tanking up on the OJ and chicken broth. :rolleyes:


Happy New Year everyone! Hope this one is better for all than last.

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Right now I'm watching Mythbusters... thinking about getting something to eat. The dizziness seems to have lightened up a lot.


Maybe today there was too much rich food, caffeinated soda, sugary desserts, etc... and not enough water.

I drink a lot of water every day, on the order of a gallon or two over the course of a day, and when I go out for a day I usually don't get the same amount of H2O into me. I didn't down that much water at work last night either.


I may just be a bit dehydrated.


I hope that's all it is, anyway.

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eh didn't do too much on new years......watched that movie 'shooting gallery' it was ok i guess. on new year's eve, i was over at my parents for a bit, we watched a knights tale on tv...then headed back home and went downstairs and hung out with our landlords til like 1:30, then came upstairs and i played Risk with my sister til like 4:30am....then yesterday i had to work 10:30-8. that was boring. i did happen to sell 1 digital camera and 1 digital camcorder. Mini DV JVC GR270us....digital camcorder....and a Kodak 3.1 Megapixel Digital Camera, the Kodak Easyshare CD33.


this morning i went over to my mom's to let the dog out.....and she started screaming about me and my sister not being over there more....so i said 'ok whatevar' and left. =\ What did she expect me to do? i guess i am a little insensitive tho...it has been about 9 years today since her mom died in her late 50s. =\ i guess i am a bad son.

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The thread was closed before I could add a last bit of 2005 news, but my closest aunt & uncle's 50th anniversary was on New Year's Eve, and my family had a big party, starting with a morning church service, followed by a reception brunch in the function room of one of the local hotels. There was also dinner back @ the church, but I didn't stick around for it. It was great seeing my cousins, though. :D

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I'm back at work today... Very hungover.


And I know what you mean about the water ed... Working in a call center, I drink probably 5-6 litres (too lazy to see what that converts to in gallons) a day to keep my throat from drying out. I always feel a little hungover on the weekends (even when I'm not drinking) 'cause I'm not as hydrated as I usually am...


Which leads me to today: Having drank all weekend, and getting just about no water, the hangover's brutal. But it was worth it. :joy:



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Eh... not much going on today.


Spent most of the day dozing on the couch, between bouts of drinking lots of clear fluid, interspersed with shots of juice.


Feeling better, if a little puny.


Kind of a crappy way to spend my last day off. Did a little reading... a little T.V.



Yeah, the air at work is really bad. Worse when the fog machines are running. I usually guzzle when I'm there.



Seems I've finally broken the 4k post mark. Hmmm... uh,.. whoo-hoo?

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Oh yeah,.. Wild Bill Kelso! My alter-ego whenever I play a flight sim.


I re-watched 1941 recently and was in stitches every time John Belushi was on screen. He was truly inspired in that movie.


Unfortunately the rest of the film was kinda hit or miss,.. mostly miss. Although there are a few really good bits, it's not Spielberg's finest effort by any means.

All that said: I do have a soft spot in my heart for that movie, though.

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i arose at 5:00 this morning. i was kind to my alarm clock and let it do its job...took a shower, cleaned my 22 rifle, then took a peek outside and there was alot of snow. like....8 inches. so i cleaned off the cars and knocked on my landlord's door to see if my friend that lives downstairs with them was ready to be driven to work. he was still sleeping cause my landlord didn't wake him up since he figured the roads were bad, why risk it. soooooo.....i went back upstairs and tried to fall asleep...but kept having those damn sleep paralysis attacks....like my eyes would pop open and i felt pinned down and i couldn't breath or move. pretty weird so every time i snapped out of it, i'd try to sleep again and it happened like 3-5 times in a row til i said **** it and woke up, only getting less than 60 minutes of rest. Afterwards, i went downstairs to see if it was ok to leave and he's not going to work. A tree came down upon a phone line and we had to go get a chainsaw from someone, and on the way we dropped my sister off at her job, then stopped at the dmv and steve (my friend that needed driven to work) got his photo id card done, and then we headed to scott's (my landlord's) mom's to get the chainsaw....and me and steve were in the car for a good hour being bored and listening to the crappy radio stations and messing with the car phone. the chainsaw ended up not being at the house so we drove back and stopped at wendy's, then i drove to my moms' to get something to bring to my dad at home depot, then i drove all the way back and took the long, unplowed way. very fun. now i am back.....and bored!

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Went to work today. It was cleaning day. The entire staff got to make up for 2.5 years of not cleaning any of the airplanes in the museum because we were without a collections curator to guide the process. By the end of the day it looked like I had a tan, too bad it was from dust. Ah well, everything in there is nice and sparkling now, like those scrubbing bubbles had come through. Damn them, it was us! They're going to take all the credit!

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First day back to work after over a week off. Bheargh.


Work itself wasn't bad, (it's thankfully slow this week and next,) but the commute in was about as bad as I've ever encountered it. What normally takes 40 minutes to an hour took more like 2 and a half hours today.


It totally sapped all the energy I might have had to actually get anything productive done (which wasn't much to begin with, since I've gotten used to sleeping late in my time off, and an early morning just about killed me.)


The commute back home was a lot better, although I kept dozing off. Like I said, I'm not a morning person. It will take a couple of weeks to get back on a sleep routine again.


Wildstar: No I haven't read that. I've seen a couple of documentaries about him though.

I'll have to check it out. Someday. I already have a stack of books piled up almost as tall as I am waiting to be read (or in a couple of cases, finished) that I am having trouble finding time for these days. And those are just the ones I already own. I have at least twice as many on a wish-list inside my head that I haven't let myself purchase yet until I get those behind me.


There's just not enough time in a day to get everything done that needs to get done... let alone all the things I'd just really like to do for the fun of it. When I was a kid I'd hear adults talk like this and I'd never really understood what they meant. I always had more time on my hands than I ever knew what to do with.


Now I understand... and it pretty much sucks. :mad:




I keep wanting to type "05" whenever I do a date. Probably will for another week...


Forgot to set my alarm last night, and overslept. A lot. Ouch. I can't belive one of the cats didn't wake me up.

I called in once I did get awake, and was told, "Hey, there's really nothing going on here anyway... don't worry about it!"


So, I didn't worry about it. :D I have to work 14-hours a day for the next 2 days, so bumming around the house for another day wasn't something I argued all that hard against.

I'll have to check to see what's left in my time-off bank sometime soon, however. If I keep this up I'll be tapped out


Did a little guitar practice, a little drawing, a little eating.


Right now I'm watching Mythbusters again. (Have I mentioned that I love this show?) It's one that I've already seen, but it doesn't matter.


Got to remember to set the alarm tonight! In fact, I should do it right now while I'm thinking about it. OK... done.

I have to be up by 5:00 am. That's gonna be rough.

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Work didn't go quite as late as originally scheduled. So I managed to get home at a somewhat reasonable hour.


I'll probably go straight to bed though. Same hours tomorrow.


I'm tired.


Dull day at work, too. Not much actually happening for long stretches of time. Which really didn't help.

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