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For example, i'm using the emulator, and i choose the server Europe-Infinity because a friend of mine plays there, but will i be able to see and interact with him?


ummm yes, it'd be like playing on a normal SOE server, only with less people probably. Now that being said there are lots of SWGEmu servers so we'll see how thin or thick the populations are, but anyone playing on one server can interact with everyone else on that server.

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Hey, i have another question...


Since the EMU is Pre-CU, then for a Jedi, there is Perma-Death AND how do you become a Jedi in Pre-CU? Hologrinding?


They haven't decided on any of that yet, they probably won't even do it, they may leave it up to individual servers to implement jedi or not. At the current patch they are using(past publish 9 atleast), the Jedi system in place was the force village, but because of the time(or lack there of) required to unlock in this sytem they may not use it or change it. Even before they put this in, perma-death was gone and you just had skill loss. I'm pretty sure though they will scale attaining jedi to the power of them. The stronger they are, the harder it will be to obtain it.


Back in the day I have seen 1 jedi strike through 10 people in Coronet before having to flee, after the village jedi became more common and weaker, it was better when it was dangerous to level but when you got there you were a true alpha-class.

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Core 1 is complete, core 2 has been scrapped, and they're building core 3 as we speak. They've got pretty much everything running and working, such as: bazaars, combat, leveling, and almost done with housing, professions, and shuttles.


If we're lucky, we might even have a beta by Christmas.


Visit truegalaxies.com for more info. :vsd:

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I think I made a blood oath to never touch Galaxies ever again, but I was really bored, so I gave JTL a go a few days ago. I think I played it for less than an hour. I didn't like the fact that I could outright select "Jedi." I could swear they were all wiped out during the Purge. And the space controls felt like they were trying to copy freelancer, but failed miserably.


One thing I did sort of liked was the way I fired my blaster or swung my sword with each click of the mouse.



In the end, I remember that I enjoyed myself with the original version of the game, so when SWGemu gets done, I'd gladly give it a try.

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I didn't like the fact that I could outright select "Jedi." I could swear they were all wiped out during the Purge. And the space controls felt like they were trying to copy freelancer, but failed miserably.
Wow, I didn't realize they had sunk that low. I played Galaxies a year or 2 ago and I didn't like it, I got it right after they released the dreaded combat upgrade.
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Just an update for anyone who's missed it.




Has had their first successfull tentative stress test of their beta core3 server.


Test server specs

1.6 Core2 Duo/2 GB ram/100 mbit line


For 1 machine running the whole galaxy, all planets, they were able to get 278ppl on in just the dant mo alone,


Now that is not the limit thats only how many people had the time avalable to log into the test server. sadly i was in class so i missed the test as did many, so they are having another stability test to see if they can get more players online.


in order to try get their maximum numbers im posting the next test time here which is easily viewable from their website.





Please i do remind you to read the updates section and FAQ before posting or asking questions, yes i know its tedious but there are some less that upstanding ppl who play and some wont be as eager to help newbies to the emu.



they will be extreamly busy analyzing the server and code to make sure they learn as much as they can from the stress tests.


their IRC has a limit of 500 users but they will post updates on the forum's as to server status.


Swgemu irc channels


if you have Irc installed just paste the address into your web browser, if you dont have irc google it and choose any client u like.






Links to forum pages that will help you set up for the test





Server IP

Dont ask for the IP, It is written in the MOTD (Message of the Day) for the #Test Channel at swgemu's Irc.

Server status is also in the MOTD.


Good luck and i hope to see many of you there and online for the test.


Just a word of caution

There are many users in the irc who have short tempers and/or are not exactly friendly to new ppl, if someone flames you for being a "nubb, or newb" PLEASE just shrug them off no matter how much of an ass they are, flame wars don't help the testing process, and often leave newcomers with a bad taste of the emu team. the dev's are nice people and the forums are modded by community members and not dev's , this way the devs can focus their time on coding the emu so its not the devs fault if some smacktard flames you for being new, some ppl are just looking for a fight.

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