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Diego Varen

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So that this doesn't become like the other Poster Above You thread, I would suggest the same 4-5 people who have been posting here recently take a break, because quite frankly, it's getting boring and spammy. And really, you've all pretty much exhausted everything there is to say about each other's avatars and signatures, so there really isn't much point in posting anymore anyway.

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^Promotes Darkside with Anakin and Asajj and famous Force Lightning.


^ The only avatar of a LS Nihilus

Thank you for this remark.


^sig: CSI lover? 6/10


Correct. I love CSI series, includes CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. I even have a complete DVD collection on this.


Avatar: I think thats KOTOR but I never played it so I dont know. 3/10


Have you played KOTOR 2?

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^His slogan is "Dark Side Rules!"


csi.jpg The new siggy RC made


csicoruscanthk4.jpgcsinarshaddaake5.jpg The old siggy I made...


I can't decide which one is better...For me, I think I like mine...But since everyone loves their home-made siggy, so I can't comment on both siggy...

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