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What worlds do you want in KOTOR 3?


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Ziost. Korriban's gotten the lion's share of attention, but it's just one giant tomb.


Maybe Coruscant, the adventure could begin there.



But I also want a main quest path that I can finish around 9 to 10 hours. If anyone thinks that is too short, then that's what sidequests are for. Jade Empire and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are great games that are time consuming if you WANT them to be, but aren't if you don't.

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What worlds do you want in KOTOR 3?


Coruscant - The whole planet is one big city.


Maybe there should be an 'ice' world, like:

- Hoth

- Polus

- Alzoc III

- Ilum


And a volcanic planet, like:

- Mustafar

- Aeten II

- Sullust


A water world, like:

- Manaan

- Kamino

- Bestine IV


A city world, like Coruscant.


Maybe Nal Hutta can be included, too.


I do not know.

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Hmm....alot! Namely though, I would like Coruscant. Slehryon (sp?) would be good, It would be good to see one of the cut planets. I don't want Korriban, we've been nearly EVERYWHERE in that world. Ziost, however, sounds very mysterious for being the capital sith worlds. Maybe a return of Manaan? As long as the silly neutrality belief is gone, I'd be fine there, I have nothing against the fish-people. And, while Dantooine has been there since the begining, if there is anything else they can with it, I'd love to see a return.

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I would definitely NOT want Hoth in there... Sorry, it was good in ESB, but without the rebel base and imperial walkers, it is a less interesting Tatooine. It is a frozen tundra with no native intelligent species. Heck I would rather see Tatooine again and visit other locations(though admittedly I can't stand more desert, as I live in one). If they have an ice world please let it be something more like Polus


How about something completely different... Centerpoint Station?

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teodesetkata: The Sulustan keep turning up. Seeing their home world so far before the Rise of the Empire would be an interesting twist.


I agree with Tommycat though. I have no interest in Hoth. Besides, wasn't that world named after the Jedi, Lord Hoth, who lived in Darth Bane's time?


Tommycat: Do you think a space station could survive for 4,000 years?

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teodesetkata: The Sulustan keep turning up. Seeing their home world so far before the Rise of the Empire would be an interesting twist.


I agree with Tommycat though. I have no interest in Hoth. Besides, wasn't that world named after the Jedi, Lord Hoth, who lived in Darth Bane's time?


Tommycat: Do you think a space station could survive for 4,000 years?

Eons before the establishment of the Republic, it was used to move the planets of the Corellian system—Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Talus, and Tralus—to their current locations. The station sat at a lagrangian point between the two worlds of Talus and Tralus, and it generated power from their gravity wells.



And you are right about Hoth. It was named after the Jedi Hoth. Soooo it wouldn't have that name for about 3000 years... The jedi Hoth died 1000 BBY. If its set any time before that Hoth would not have been discovered.

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Coruscant: 'Nuff said. Well, I'll add to it. It'd be wicked to see, could easily be incorporated into the plot and how cool would it be to chase some bounty hunter on a speeder on Coruscant at night, like something akin to that of that bounty hunter in AotC that Anikan and Obi-Wan chased. Plus, pretty much everyone wants it, so...


Alderaan: It'd be awesome to see, good role-playing potential and an awesome setting to incorporate a "showdown with Sith assassins sent to kill certain political leaders" plot.


Sleheyron: Same as above, only it would certainly be awesome to role-play on. I'd love to see the KotOR3 PC & the group do all kinds of Hutt & crime faction things in order to gain key information/data/whatever to help lead them to the True Sith.


It'd be an awesome place to meet Jolee too {if Revan is set as LS}. I can just see him leading an underground movement there, secretly trying to help the poor and oppressed, free slaves and so on.


Myrkr: It'd be cool to see and give the non-Force users in the group a chance to shine. It'd be a good place to meet Mission and Zaalbar {if Revan is set as LS}.


I can see them trying to solve a crisis between escaped Wookiees looking for a new life, Neti and Czerka. I can see a "reclaim ship, stuck in forest, help crisis situation, gain data" plot going.


M4-78: I'd like to see this. I'd like to see Systech Corp and the HK droids have a nice role in the plot. I could see a "gas or such problem on the planet, lockdown factory and search for the person trying to shut down the droids or corrupt their programming via a computer to turn them against the Republic" type plot going. I could live without it, but it'd be nice to see in my opinion.


Khar Delba/Khar Shian: It'd be awesome to see these two planets. I could see lots of fighting, sneaking around, pretending to be evil to avoid blowing cover or actually being evil because you are, find repair parts for ship, screw up True Sith machinery going on here.


Ziost: Based on J-Phile's awesome CW idea, it'd be awesome to find and meet Revan here and help him/her take down whatever True Sith forces left behind to lead you and the group into a trap, involving Revan's capture.


Or alternatively, you play a part in Revan's escape, only you don't meet Revan yet. Instead he/she goes in pursuit of some high ranking True Sith who feigned an alliance with him/her.


Coruscant {for endgame}: Your cliched, but epic showdown between Mandalorians/Republic/Jedi against the True Sith, involving Revan and the Exile.


Once the TS Dark Lord and all are destroyed, then, depending on what alignment you are, Revan's and the Exile's was set to, a potential confrontation/confrontations, redemption plot {all sorts of scenarios} could take place, and if you make the wrong choices and find yourself in the ****, one of the endings could see you dead!

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Hmm... well, I'd like these (probably about 7 are the amount of planets in the game I'm guessing):


Coruscant - Alderaan - Korriban (new areas please LucasArts, the Sith Academy's plot lies thin...) - Corellia - Ithor - Ossus (ruins of the Jedi Academy or something like that) - and finally Csilla could be where Revan ended up or one of the planets used for the unknown regions, I dunno.

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1. Like many I MUST HAVE CORUSCANT. It give great opportunity to add flying into the game (would be awesome to have space flight as well) as well as its down right amazing feel. There is room for the joining of the royal guard, smugglers and assassination guilds (want bad as well). The JK series could have some integration as well with more puzzles and jumping off building and all.


2. KESSEL, a very little known place only mentioned once in Star Wars by Han Solo "Make the Kessel run in less than twelve par-secs." Kessel is a mining world infested with convicts, digging out spices of some sort. Smugglers established a route in and out of the system called "the Kessel run." Would be interesting to see what could be done with that.


3. RAXUS PRIME, yes I know its been in Clone Wars and will be in Force Unleashed but that will give greater depth and interest because its known, just is an interesting planet.


4. CATO NEIMOIDIA, the planet where Plo Koon gets shot down from order 66. Its a very wealthy, green planet, making for great expansion ideas because of its unknown past.


5. HARUUN KAL is a planet torn apart by civil war and was exploited by the republic to gain control. The air is toxic below a certain point because of many volcanos and the heavier than air compound they release. Yet natural resources make for a, lucrative opportunity for many.


6. NELVAAN, is a partial snow planet from a current ice age, yet was created by the CIS during experimental mutation process that were done using the planets core. The planet has low gravity making for large beasts and other interesting formations. Tribes are unsophisticated but all the components of the planet make for a great story.


7. MUUNILINST, the banking center of the galaxy. Full of money, shady funding and corruption. The CSI used it during the clone wars which brought war to it and then the empire. They came after their defeat at Endor, just another great area.

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The basic layout as the preceding KOTOR(s): 1 main PC in which the player gets to create (a human, male or female, jedi padawan or dark jedi padawan). Returning veterans such as: Bastila, Carth, HK, & T3, and of course the Ebon Hawk :D


As far as planets go, I'd like to see Coruscant finally thrown into the game, a return to Manaan (I always liked Ahto city for some reason), Kholma (Graveyard Moon), Boz Pity, Rhen Var, A return to Tatooine, Korriban of course, Ruusan, Rakata Prime (Lehon) after the destruction of the Star Forge. Basically I'd like more planets to chose from.


More jedi classes such as:

-Jedi Investigator

-Jedi Shadow

-Sith Alchemist

-Sith Acolyte


The same basic number of characters and classes:

1st - Main PC (Coruscant Padawan)

2nd - Bastila Shan (Jedi Sentinel)

3rd - T3M4 (Astromech Droid)

4th - Carth Onasi (Soldier)

5th - Hk-47 (Assassin Droid)

6th - Unknown (Slicer/Tech Specialist?)

7th - Unknown (Pilot/Scout)

8th - Unknown (Jedi Watchman)

9th - Unknown (Alien Soldier/Bounty Hunter)

10th - Unknown (Jedi Consular/Guardian?)


Coruscant Padawan

Info: Basic starter PC like Revan and Exile before, player gets to specify gender, appearance, etc. Is recruited by Coruscant council to accompany Bastila to find Revan, and bring him back.


Bastila Shan

Info: Basically returning her role from KOTOR I, except this time she is a Jedi Master, and is the master of Coruscant Padawan before knighting him.


Carth Onasi

Info: An admiral of the Republic, joins old friends Bastila and T3 in a search for Revan.



Info: Revan's old droid, the useful astromech would accompany the Coruscant padawan from the beginning under orders of Bastila.



Info: An assassin droid and former droid of Revan's, would be recruited into the party once Coruscant Padawan finds him on the Ebon Hawk.


Unknown (Possibly female Jedi Watchman)

Info: Sort of like a cross between Atris and Bastila, she would be sent to keep an eye on Bastila and the Padawan to prevent them from deviating from their misison and to keep Bastila from returning to the Dark Side.


Unknown (Zeltron Female Tech Specialist/Slicer)

Info: A character that is found and recruited in a cantina, possibly a Zeltron female who makes light of any situation but is loyal to the Coruscant Padawan to the end. Gives T3 and HK upgrades like Bao-Dur in TSL did.


Unknown (Male Republic Soldier/Pilot)

Info: Recruited by Carth Onasi, would join Coruscant Padawan in piloting the Ebon Hawk and taking them to their desired destinations as Carth did in I, and Atton in II.


Unknown (Alien Bounty Hunter)

Info: Any alien species (prefferably Shistavanen or Yakora) aiding Coruscant Padawan on the quest to retrieve Revan from the Unknown Regions.


Unknown (Jedi Consular/Master)

Info: A female or male Jedi (possibly Arren Kae) joining the quest to retrieve Revan, also teaches Coruscant Padawan new force techniques and gives the padawan a choice of a prestige class.


Well, that's basically my idea for KOTOR III though I doubt it will actually be anything like that. If they don't use it then I will definitely use this in my fanfic :D

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My top 5


1) Alderaan- supposedly peace loving world full of politicians and nobles. I wanna see war come to this planet.


2)Ziost- as mentioned above, its an ancient sith planet and im tired of korriban


3)Coruscant/Sleyheyron- i think we need at least one city world and i would prefer coruscant due to its galactic importance (jedi temple, and senate)


4) Ossus- i would like to see a some different jedi strongholds. i mean, dantooine is nice but the academy is pretty much gone. and i dont think that ossus has been done in a video game yet so itd be kinda cool to see.


5) Manaan/Kashyyk- i wanna revisit one of these in the next game. i think kashyyk could look particularly cool on the 360.

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I like the idea on being a Padawan from Coruscant. Possibly being able to go through the full amount of training that Jedis have. And, as far as I know, there aren't any games that really allow you to explore Coruscant. IMO it is a melting pot, and I think that you could learn a great deal on this planet. :D


I would personally like to see Ossus, Zoist ( or another Sith planet ), Manaan, possibly more explore of Lehon, and travel in the Unknown Regions and look for new planets. Maybe on your exploration journey you find clues of what Revan was doing, and your mission changes. Eh, I may be asking/wishing for way too much, but this is certainly somethink that I would like to see in KotOR 3 (if it ever comes out!).


I finally want to see the game for the regular old Xbox, and not leave me out! :indif:

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Not every planet needs to be part of the main storyline.


Lots of planets allow for extra gameplay time, as mentioned by Arcesious, and are great for side quests.


If you have Mass Effect you know what I'm talking about, although the visitable planet numbers aren't in the thousands.

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I'm afraid Rev7 is correct, sadly. We would never be lucky enough to get a game that imersive and that exessively long. Think of the cost and the development time...


Personally, I agree with those who say Courscant is a must, since it is the Galactic Republic's capitol, I'd really like an almost free roam zone like Taris with a vastly greater amount of people and different droids running around. Or the chance to see a

properly scaled version of the Jedi Temple. (I hated the one in Battlefront Two.)


I also agree with those who say we should lose the dead worlds. Taris, assuming the restoration (It is restored by the way. -Bloodlines -Empire at War) is underway could be cool, escpecially if we got to meet the outcasts and see if they made it to the 'Promised Land'. However, Korriban is classified as dead for the time being.


Ossus would be awsome, particularily if we we encountered and\or trained with the Ysana tribes let over from those Jedi who couldn't escape the supernova. Plus, we could play around in the dusty old ruins and temples. All lovers of Korriban love tomb raiding. Don't they?


Dagobah and Yavin 4 should be completely empty at this point, since Dagobah isn't even on a lot of starcharts 3,952 years later. As before noted, a world with approximately nothing to do is nigh useless in a game were the objective is, arguably, to complete quests.


It would be nice to have connections back to game one if we are going a Revan hunting. So why NOT drop by Kashyyk to see how Zaalbar is doing as a mighty chief. Personally, I'd like to see what Mission did with her life. Correct me if I'm wrong but it would be cool if she became the head of an anti-slaver opperation on Ryloth. No? As I said, give me feedback people.


Lehon would also be classed as a dead world, since the Rakkata are going to be going extinct in a few generations. (Darth Bane: Path of Destruction) But if we need to go there to learn clues about Revan or his foes I'm game for some rancor hunting.


Sleheyron sounds fun as well, Twileks, Hutts, Genoharadan, the Exchange, sewers, various complicated sidequests for competing crime syndicates, sounds like the ideal vacation for the crew of the Ebon Hawk.


I think Shadow Talon was right in this, a Miraluka world would be cool. My biggest qualm with Katarr is it's deader than just about any planet in the Galaxy. If it were my choice, I would say Alpheredies. (I doubt I spelled it correctly) After getting a glimpse of Miraluka archetecture in Unseen, Unheard it seems like it would be exponentially better to go to a thriving hub of Miraluka civilization rather than a burnt colony. And I'm a shameless Miraluka fan so seeing their adopted homeworld would thrill me.


-Bearer of the Krijinia.

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