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Kirk vs. Revan who would win in a fight

Kirk vs Revan who would win  

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  1. 1. Kirk vs Revan who would win

    • Kirk he's awesome
    • I love Revan
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Revan was power. Kreia said so. And i doubt the Kreia would lie about Revan.


Kreia also said that she wouldn't do anything to harm you. Look how that turned out.


Kreia lied all the time - and she had a very distorted view of the world, especially her student.

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Key words: Hand to Hand.



I was using hand to hand, like melee. Weapons you would close to attack with.



Revan is definately the Heart of the Force, as Chevron and Kreia put it, by far was he the best force-user in the Galaxy.QUOTE]


At the time yes, but not because he/she was more powerfull. He was a brilliant tactition, and I understand that he used the force to predict strategies, and then work around them. If it came to raw force power, then I think that any one of the masters could have bested him.

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Kirk just runs in Phasers blazing.

Revan takes his time. he takes him time, comes up with a plan and is usually victorious


I fail to see how Revan can be victorious when he is shot by a Phaser on the setting Vaporize...



And if we were going ship vs. ship the NCC-1701 would be at the very least an even match with an Imperial Star Destroyer, there was next to nothing from the KotOR era that could stand up in a one on one fight vs. a Constitution Class starship.


Seriously, Revan had the force, big deal it actually make Revan weaker in this case. Revan uses the force almost as a cruch, whereas Kirk is used to fighting those with supernatural powers. He's beaten people that could turn Revan into a flower pot.

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We don't know who would win in a one on one fight between the enterprise and a Star destroyer. besides. the star destroyer has fighter compliments. I think that would give them an advantage


And the NCC-1701 can go to .25c (25% the speed of light) with its impulse engines, furthermore TIE Fighters don't have shields.


Unshielded Matter + Antimatter Spread

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