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Kirk vs. Revan who would win in a fight

Kirk vs Revan who would win  

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  1. 1. Kirk vs Revan who would win

    • Kirk he's awesome
    • I love Revan
    • Dragonflies

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How could anyone possibly vote Kirk? He was not the strategist as Ben Sisko from DS9, the charismatic figure that Jean-luc Picard was in TNG. Kirk was not nearly the captain as later ones in Star Trek. If anyone should be compared, it should be Revan and Sisko. Kirk is lucky, not clever or charismatic as Revan.

Where do we see this vaunted cleverness and charisma of Revan's demonstrated?

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where he decimated the mandalorians

Decimated an enemy whose strength at the time is unknown. Besides that, how is defeating them related to cleverness or charisma?


raised an army against the republic

Yes, very difficult for a man to do with the Star Forge indefinitely replacing any losses in military hardware.


he would have wrecked the republic too if it weren't for malak

Actually, KOTOR 2 makes it clear that the Republic was wrecked anyway, and again, it's not like it would be terribly difficult to do that with the Star Forge.

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Come now, Revan is a Jedi Warrior for goodness sakes! {Or Sith} Kirk is just a space person with a smooth smile! Like "Hey, my names Kirk, how about to you," going for him. Revan has the "I'm going to chop you" thing going for him.


Kirk has often beat people with similar powers. If anything, being the underdog makes Kirk more dangerous.

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I rest my point. In the time it would take Kirk to land two moves Revan could have wiped him out with his lightsaber


Kirk has beaten people that have made Revan look like a Joke, I think he could take Revan. Also if Revan had a lightsaber, Kirk would have a hand phaser on wide-beam and a lightsaber couldn't possibly block it.

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Who is to say Kirk would set his phaser to stun, anyway? That's like choosing your armaments in TIE Fighter, and arming your Missile Boat with regular missiles instead of advanced ones.


Yeah, Kirk has a tendency of forgetting to set his Phaser on stun and leaving it on vaporize.

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