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I don't really see one on the horizon, if there is one it probably won't be the republics of empires or if it is they are constantly fighting over it, because if one side has a super weapon it kinda gives that side a "we are superior" feel to them.

I could see both factions developing super weapons concurrently, or maybe they each had one on Hoth and instead of massacring the other side they 1-shotted each other.

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I hope they have one. They are a fun part of Star Wars IMO.


There's a cold war in the SWTOR Universe. I dare to bet a liver (useless anyway...) that there will be at least a quest about some Grand Moff who's trying to create a superweapon that the rest of the Empire can't know about.


I'm hoping for something...different. Death Star/Sun Crusher are a bit standard. Maybe somekind of Force-imbued weapon like a thought bomb or something. Very Sithy, experimental and dangerous.

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