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XWA One Year Thread Part VII: Shadows of the Forum

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how my year i went




completed first semester of college

went on some fun road trips with my friends

passed my pt test

got another nephew

got deployed

got promoted



fiance dumped me between my birthday and valentine's day

they keep adding bull**** to this deployment trying to make it not so fun-**** that doesn't even pertain to our mission/jobs.

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this year has been definitely better then last year. Finances are tight, but long term outlooks are good. Already have 1/3 of the principal of the house paid off, and our non-mortgage debt is going to be gone by july of next year


Just wish we could travel more. Biggest problem is that at my job i cannot get any summer days off.

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i got a whole list of resolutions

this next year:


work on getting promoted to specialist

lose freaking weight 30 pounds i gained at camp shelby

get ALL of my debt paid off and have enough money left over from this deployment to sustain me for a few years while i go back to college full time

use some money i make from this deployment to fix up my apartment the way i can really enjoy it

get a new girlfriend

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Not really a cold... just... blah.


I think it's just the result of going from: "full-out, running on caffeine and adrenalin mode" to: "nothing"... literally overnight. No cool-down, or ramping down into relaxation mode.


My body just releases all the tension and toxins it's been storing up all year at once, and I suddenly feel like absolute ****-on-a-stick.


Seems to happen every year at this time. As soon as work ends and I have a couple of days to chill out, I wake up one morning feeling like a truck hit me. Achy and exhausted and just generally run-down.


It could also be that I suddenly have free time to think about stuff again, or just a basic lack of focus and motivation, bringing on a mild case of the blues... seasonal or otherwise.

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take some jack3d that will wake you right up! im feeling down the last few days about my past relationship. doesnt look like any chance of getting back together with her, and i havent discovered anyone that isnt taken or being pursued/pursuing someone else. other than that though, things are looking up for me. i just keep questioning myself why i always feel i need to have a girlfriend and why dont i enjoy being single? no answers ever come to me.

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Forced myself to go out earlier... partly to pick up some much needed supplies... partly to get out of the house for a few hours.


It was crazy out there. I managed to get everything done... but I instantly regretted the decision to be anywhere near a store on this date.


Merriest of Merry Yuletides, all! Hope it's the best one ever, all around!



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actually had a non depressing day, went out with my friends here to the air force side of the base and played shuffleboard, pool, ping pong, and fooseball for about 4 hours then we went to chow and brought back to the ready room like 6 bottles of sparkling grape soda and 2 cartons of non alcoholic eggnog. :) good times.

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Didn't do much today. The family was all to busy to get us all together, so we are doing it this weekend.


Slept late. Mom made a baked ziti. Watched the Top Gear Holy Land special again. Played some games.


I may buy myself the Skyrim expansion packs later as a Christmas gift for myself.

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'Cards Against Humanity' (it's a spoof of apples-to-apples)

hilarious. absolutely hilarious.


but they bash the republicans quite a bit in that


I got the game also. I wouldn't play it with people who are easily offended or could react badly to someone making political commentary against their political leanings


In the main set out of 460 white cards only Three are bias against conservatives. Sean hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Newt Gingrich. I hardly think that is bashing republicans "Quite a bit" unless you think any republican being bashed is too much.


On Christmas my Wife and I went and saw "The Hobbit" in the 3-D theatre. Now for me, after about a half hour my brain gets tired and I can no longer see the 3-D. This time I brought in some 2-D glasses and greatly enjoyed the movie. When they had the long shots, or action scenes I would have the 3-D on. when my eyes started getting tired i switched to the 2-D.


And yes i admit to crying when we had the scene with the Eagles. In my life if I could every ride a large flying creature like that I would be willing to do anything.

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I'm starting to feel better. Not 100% yet... but getting there.


Maybe I'll go see The Hobbit myself today. I wish I had someone to go see it with. :( Instead, I'll just have to be that creepy weirdo that goes to the movies alone if I want to see it on the big screen.


I have to get gas and a car wash as well, while I'm out.

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This has been a crazy but overall good year. Finished all my requirements for dental school, including NBDE II exam, WREB exam, clinical requirements, etc.; graduated from dental school; got an excellent job in Vermont; moved my family across the country; enjoyed a white Christmas; and knocked up the wife again.


This past year saw the arrival of such material things as a new/used car, an iPad 3, and most recently, a Bose WaveRadio III with a bluetooth connector.


Looking forward to a new year filled with lots of dentistry, a new baby, some time to travel and visit family and friends, and of course, all you degenerates.

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