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Is it considered necroposting when the years old topic is still on the first page? :D


Edit: Holy cow. I posted here once last year in the DF forum and before that it was in 2006?! I quit coming here mostly because I was addicted to it. I posted 30-50 this a day probably and spent hours on here. I'm afraid to dig to much into the past. I was an annoying teenager it'd be embarrassing to read my older posts. Anyways, nice seeing so many familiar faces here!

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Yes, I am. It's reached the point of ridiculousness however...






And these were taken after last week's storm... before the foot-and-a-half we got this weekend.


Hm... it isn't showing... :( I quoted to try to see the links and open them in new tabs... Well I believe ya. Actually, in the sierra nevadas it's been weird here. You're probably getting our winter weather.


It's crystal clear in the sky here and 65 degrees. Like a warm springtime day.

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^^^Haven't been to new york or anywhere east past st Louis Missouri or Rowlette TX. But I would imagine it's brutal where you are.


Weird. I can see them, both in my post and your quote. What's really weird is that those pics are hosted right here on Lucasforums.


They're in an album on my profile.


Maybe here: http://www.lucasforums.com/album.php?albumid=86


If that doesn't work, just look up any current news about the Boston area, and you'll get the idea.


Ah, NOW I can see it. I looked at your photo album then refreshed this page.


Heheheh, yeah snow so high it would go over the top of my hood when I drove on the roads in the powder, that's the snow I remember.

Sometimes we'd get 18-24 inches in 1 hour, you'd have a wall outside your front door and you had to dig your way out. :) We'd get so much snow, the final remainders didn't melt out until almost June. I know *exactly* what you're talking about with ridiculous annoying snow levels. The highways having a middle berm 8 feet high, with people not knowing how to drive on ice.



When it got that bad I would make the most of it. I invested in a snowblower and some shovels, and I'd make some fat cash on the weekends. Got to know folks with vacation rentals. Hell, people will pay ya on the spot for a one time snow removal. My own vacant lot next to my place would get walls of snow up to 11 feet high after about 4 or 5 clearings for my stuff. People can scoff all they want but when you have the equipment, and 10-20 clients paying $30 and up per time, per driveway, you can make a lot of money in a short period of time.

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