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RTMI Big Box release

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Does anyone know if there will be a physical big box release of Return To Monkey Island?


And what would you like to have in the box?


Next to the code wheel,

and the Monkey Island map

and the voodoo doll recipe

and the Monkey Island poster


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I hope there will be, but I doubt it'll be through regular channels. LimitedRun will be the most likely party to release one!


I'd really like a T-shirt that says: I ranted about the RtMI art style and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt.

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I imagine there will be a physical release through LimitedRun. But to be honest, that 30th Anniversary box set had so many issues that would’ve been so easy to fix (incorrect order of the games on the box, incorrect game artwork on the CD case, no Boen version of Tales Episode 1 after announcing it, even a corrupted USB drive for some recipients) that I feel they really need to get their act together if they’re going to keep releasing these physical editions. Since ReMI would be a solo product, I’d be willing to give them another chance as I feel there’d be less risk of the issues above repeating themselves.


To think, if they’d just held off on that box set for another year or two, we could’ve had ReMI included as well, and it would’ve truly felt like a complete collection. I was much more positive towards the set at the time, and there is still a lot to admire about it (the majority being displayed on my wall!) but as more time passes, that set is looking like more and more of a misfire.

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