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Getting to know each other

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Name: Ian


Age: 18


Location: New York, USA


Occupation: Movie Theater Attendant, Student


Hobbies: Web surfing, reading, tinkering with computers, playing video games, fencing, watching tons and tons of anime.


Favorite Music: Pretty much anything. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Nobuo Uematsu, yasinori Mitsuda and J-pop, as well as Evanescence and A Perfect Circle.


Favorite Games: TIE Fighter, Civilization II, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Resident Evil, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4


Most Awaited Games: Knights, Galaxies, SoulCalibur 2, Half-Life 2, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII

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Location: Norway


Age: 15


Hobbies: gaming, Star Wars (oh yeah baby), web surfing, Pc tech, soccer, volleyball, golfing ect.....


Favorite music: U2, Metallica, Eminem, pop, rock, hip-hop, rap...u name it :)


Awaiting games: What do you think I am hanging around here and waiting for?? :D + SWG...not sure, JK3-Jedi Academy, Halo2, and mostly the same as others have posted here.


*Dreaming, dreaming of Kniiights *:rolleyes:

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I feel I am long over-due for this.....



Ha! You really thought I would put my name on here! :D



Age: 16 and 3/4ths :D


Location: Oklahoma, United States


Job: Yes...I have one. :p


Hobbies: Church, activites with friends, girlfriend, and family. Playing Basketball for my school and almost every other sport just for recreation. Avid(rabid :D ) LF goer and I love playing XBox with friends and computer games. All things Star Wars and Lord of The Rings. A lot of other things too.....


Favorite Games: Jedi Outcast, Obi-Wan, Zelda: A Link to The Past and Ocarina of time, All Lord of The Rings games, Halo, Dungeon Siege, Morrowind, and basically every other game I have beat. :p


Most Anticipated Games: KoTOR! Jedi Academy, The Return of The King, The Treason of Isengard, Fable, B.C., Halo 2, Gladius, War of The Ring, All other SW titles excluding SWG.

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lets see



name: chris


age: 15


gender: male


hobbies: football, any type of video game, weight lighfting


fav music: HEAVY METAL i cant stand rap and country


fav game: ping/pong whatever you like to call it


pets: 1 (dog)


location: TEXAS


fav food: anything oriental




P.S. i also like bubble baths, long walks on the beach, cuddleing by a fire, pena colades, and gettin caught in the rain



2.P.S. im also currently available for any of you lady out there ;)

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Name: Dark Dragon


Age: 16


Location: Merry Old England


Hobbies: Football(Soccer to you yanks out there):D, Video games, movies, TV.


Fav Movies: Reservoir Dogs. Star Wars. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Rush Hour 1+2, Enter The Dragon and so on, lol.


Fav Games: Final Fantasy 7, 9 and 10. Shenmue 1+2. Mortal Kombat Series. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2.


Most Wanted Games: Knight of the Old Republic of course. True Crime: Streets of LA. Raw 2. Shenmue 3+4. Halo 2.


Occupation: Unemployed:(


Dark Dragon

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(okay I really should put something down considering I have been here a while)



Name: Whose? Mine? Not in your life


Age: No comment


Location: The mide-sized utopian city just outside a big Cali city


Hobbies: Working on PS 6, HTML, Frontpage, playing JK2, and waiting anxiously for KOTOR


Fav Movies: LOTR, Star Wars Episodes 2-4-5-6, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and X1 and X2


Fav Books: All of Tolkiens Work, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Odyssey, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, and Animal Farm


Fav Music: Flogging Molly, Louis Armstrong, and Bob Marley


Occupation: Trying to figure out how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll, figuring out Linux, and making websites for kicks.

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I've had about 2 posts here so may as well eh?


Name: Charles

Age: 17

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Occupation: Student, Librarian

Hobbies: Computering, Game Whoring, Biking, Sign Language

Music: Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Evanescene, Sublime, The Eagles

Games: Chrono Trigger, FF6, X-Wing Alliance, Warcraft III, F1 2002, Rebellion, and Masters of Orion II

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Hi everyone. But mostly, Hi jedi220. :evil3:



Name: Mike.... er..... Sumashanblubbanam


Age: 14 (Almost)


Location: Massachusetts, USA


Occupation: Student. :(


Hobbies: Making Websites, Baseball, Jedi220 (>_>) Colelcting Star Wars Crap


Favourite Music: Aerosmith, Disturbed.


Favourite Games: Zelda OoT, Zelda MM, Metroid Prime, SSBM.


Most Awaited Games: Soul Calibar II, Jedi Academy, Metroid Prime 2

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Name: Whydoesit Matter


Age: 17


Location: Mycity, Nowhere, USA


Occupation: Writer who's trying to get his stuff published


Hobbies: Computers, writing, LF


Favorite music: almost anything


Favorite games: Worms World Party, JKII, Jedi Academy demo


Looking forward to: a trip to Germany, helping my parents adopt from Ukraine, having my stories published, getting a laptop, getting a new CD player, getting a new camera, getting full version of Jedi Academy

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hey all...


im brian...


i live in ohio


my favorite music is metal, specifically marilyn manson and tool


my hobbies include building pcs, guitar, chicks, whatever i find interesting


im 16 years old


i have a problem with KOTOR tho, every so often i switch weapons, the game starts to lag really really bad....i got a gf4 ti4200, athlon 2700xp, 512m ram @ cl2, 120g hd w/8m cache....but when i reastart the game, it runs just fine until i switch a weapon and the framerates just get so low....can someone help me out?.....thanks

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Name: Douglas


Age: 32 (yea old guy who plays games, So sue me.)


Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota


Occupation: Meteorologist/Weather Forecaster


Hobbies: Anything Star Wars. Figure collecting, games, Hardware saber maker, and costuming.


Favourite Music: 80's rock, Country and light rock.


Favourite Games: Jedi Outcast/Acadamy. Jedi Knight(Darkforces2)/Mysteries of the Sith. Xwing Alliance, The Tomb Raider Series. Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb. Resident Evil Series.

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Originally posted by DARTH ANDYZ

Name: Andrew peachey (God i hate my name)

age: 16

occupation: student and soon to be college student when these holidays r over

hobbies: star wars,pc games,drawing



Fav games: gbg,super mario 64, zelda oot

Awaited games: kotor,galaxies,clone wars,doom 3


Don't hate your name:(... I know people name Mia Crotch

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Name:Nikana Reklawyks(Isn´t a strange name?)


Age:12 soon 13


Location:Sweden,In europe


Hobbies:Teh computah and video games(me owns a Ps2,Xbox,Gaycube)


Music:rock n´roll dude!


Favourite games:1.Star Wars:Knights Of The Old Republic(pc)

2.Star Wars:Galaxies(pc)

3.Metal Gear Solid:Twin Snakes(GC)

4.Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow(pc)

5.Aliens VS Predators 2(pc)

About me:I like to do things backwards...If you look you´ll find that I have done something backwards.


Occupation:Still in school,and I do not skip school like an idiot.


Am i the youngest guy here?


If you still have not figured out what i did backwards then check my name!

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Well well, I guess I'll have to say something about myself..


Name: Judith


Age: 24


Sex: Female


Location: NSW Australia


Occupation: waitress at a coffee shop


Hobbies: Star Wars/Space Exploration/Ocean Exploreration/Dinosausrs/Computers/Internet/Advanced Computing Technology/Dragons/ Xbox/KOTOR 1 and 2


Favourite Music: Scooter and John Farnham


Favourite Games: Star Wars KOTOR 1,Star Wars Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy 3, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Brute Force,


Most Awaited Games: Star Wars KOTOR 2, Fable,


Born: Frankston: Melborne Australia


AKA: Kookaburra on this thred

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Name: Mandy


Age: 18


Sex: Female


Location: Perth, Australia


Occupation: writer for a local magazine


Hobbies: Star Wars, LOTR, Computers, Repairing Computers, The Internet, Being mean to my younger brother, space, video games, did i mention Star Wars?


Favourite Music: Anything from OverClocked Remix


Favourite Games: Star Wars KOTOR, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Unreal Tournament 2004, Far Cry, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Halo


Most Awaited Games: Star Wars KOTOR II: The Sith Lords, Halo 2


Born: Coral Springs, Florida

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Hey, just joined the forums and bought KOTOR, though I played it (hastily) last winter.


Name: Brandon

Age: 19

Location: Eastern Iowa

Occupation: Student (at Cornell College), summer worker on campus, aspiring novelist

Hobbies: Reading, movies, writing, music

Favorite TV Shows: Due South, South Park, Chappelle's Show

Favorite Movies: Braveheart, LOTR, Star Wars, The Matrix

Music: Sarah McLachlan, Edwin McCain, Hootie and the Blowfish, Nirvana, Cold, James Horner, John Williams, Celtic

Books: The Killer Angels, The English Patient, anything by Bernard Cornwell and Ernest Hemingway

Games: Age of Empires II, Medal of Honor Series, Civilization board game

Star Wars Characters: Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Mara Jade, Bastila

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Ok well...




Gender: Male


Age: 13

Location: Kongsberg, Norway moving (as of 10/11/04) to America cause mom and dad died :(:ball:

Occupation:Student (I'm hatin it!)

Birthdate:July 21, 1991

Hobbies: playing video games on all systems


Like: craft Macaroni and Cheese, video games, and movies

Dislikes:cheaters,cheaters, and cheaters


Favorite TV show: Dark Angel

Favorite Movies: any Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Tomb Raider

Books: anything by J.R.R. and Christopher Tolkien, or Timothy Zahn, or anyother Star Wars authors (and Sci-Fi in general)


Gender: Male (I think)


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Name: Disclosed information.


Gender: Male (but because of my hair, a waitress asked "what does she want" at a restuarant once :rolleyes: )


Age: 12


Occpupation: Student (7th grade)


Hobbies: Role-playing, any video game, electric guitar (fender stratocaster baby! :D) , violin, AIMing people till my fingers hurt, fencing, bow and arrow, target shooting (guns), learning military strategy (no joke), hitting on Amanda (girl at my school :D)


Hair length: long, upper/middle back.


Hair style: curly, messy.


Eyes: green, and yes I do wear contacts.


Location: Arizona, spitting distance from Mr. Achilles.


Secondary occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith


Secondary hobbies: exterminating Jedi, using the Dark Side, giving into my base emotions.


TV shows: Simpsons, Malcom in the Middle, Friends, Law and Order, Hawaii, and CSI (I like detective shows)


Movies: Star Wars


Music: All rock, especially Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynard, Nirvana, etc etc


Book: To kill a mocking bird


GPA: 4.0


Classes: working 2 levels above grade level; algebra and high school language arts :eek:


Games: CoD, CoDUO, anything StarWars, CS, any other FPS not named here, KotOR, and all mechwarrior games.


Awaited games/games I want: Next MW installment, KotORTSL, SWBF, CoDUO

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Name: Chris


Age: 28


Born: Phoenix, Arizona (haven't left yet)


Occupation: Senior Management, single father of two.


Education: Currently pursuing a Masters of Arts Degree (Organizational Management).


Listens to: Depeche Mode, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Murphy, really good techno (Oakenfold, Tiesto, Van Dyk). Other than that I'm either listening to NPR or an audio book about business.


Looking foward to: LotR:RotK EE, KotOR:TSL, buying a BMW to get me through my mid-life crisis.

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