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Getting to know each other

Com Raven

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So, as most of you are waiting for the pc version, it looks like we'll have to hang around with each other for a while, so why not deepen the thread "Let me introduce..."


Feel free to add as little or much info as you feel comfortable with ;)


Name: Marcel Hatam


Age: 20


Location: Southern Germany


Occupation: Studying english and communications


Hobbies: gaming, music, Mechwarrior: Dark Age, soccer, volleyball, RPGs


Favourite Music: Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Rammstein, Linkin Park, lotsa weird metal bands you probably never heard of


Favourite Games: KotOR series, World of Warcraft, Halo 2, NWN, AoM, MW 4: Mercenaries, Mechassault 2, Mercenaries, Wolfenstein, Crimson Skies


Most Awaited Games: Age of Empires III, Jade Empire, Shadowrun, Halo 3, F.E.A.R., Bard's Tale, NWN 2, Dragon Age, next Wolfenstein, any new FASA, Bungie, Ensemble or BioWare game

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So we're trying to get to know each other here.:D I'm 17 and from California. I also have one more year of school, that is until I start college. I enjoy all kinds of sport, computers, games, and Star Wars. My favorite games are JKII and Civ3. I can't wait till this game comes out, because I like rpgs and a SWRPG should be really fun.


I hope alot of the people that come to this forum replies here, because as com raven said it'll be a while until this game comes to pc and it will be nice to see who the other people are waiting to play.

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Age: 18


Location: Australia


Occupation: unemployed and loving it!! - Nah working and saving up for a year of backpacking which is looking like it might begin before the release of Knights! :( - Though yes, at this very second I am unemployed (and broke) as I just quit my job - But I shouldn't be for long :)


Hobbies: rugby, raving, clubbing, spending unhealthy amounts of time in pubs


Favourite Music: hard trance, new-school ("Nu Skool" if you want to be down with it) UK hardcore/happy-hardcore


Favourite Games: Trivial pursuit, Zelda - Ocarina of time (and I guess Majoras mask and Zelda 3 to lesser degrees), Super Mario, once upon a time counterstrike and action quake 2 (stopped playing them both a long time ago), HALO, Jedi Outcast


Most Awaited Games: Knights of the Old Republic




[Edit/ As this is 6 months old and out of date (and I'm really bored!), I thought it was time for an update! I kept a copy of the old one (weird like that) so if you want it (for some reason as obscure as me keeping it) just ask

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hi, my names FunClown and I'm an alcoholic :(...No wait...wrong forum hehe. :confused:


I am a student from Australia, finished high school in 2000, presently at college. Thinking of going to uni next year or getting a job.


I'm 19 and a few weeks


Race: Anglo Saxon

Hobbies- Nothing (don't know how I pass the time, honestly???)

Fav music - Nothing

Fav Games - Trivial pursuit ;), Scrabble, solitaire

Job: Family Business

Favourite TV shows: Simpsons, StarGate SG1, Frasier.

Dislikes: When those shows aren't on.

Likes: Anything that makes me laugh that I should be laughing at

Interests: Spermology(collecting Trivia :p), computer games


I'm generally a good guy who's easy to get along with unless you have a big ego or are trying to sell something over the phone then I'm not interested.


I think that just about covers me. :)


PS: I'm not allowed to attend Japanese schools because of my colour. Apparently they find my racial background offensive and I want the world to know that.

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My name is Obi-wan13(duh :) )


Im 16 years old


edit- I quit this a while back- I am a camera operator at a local news station here in Georgia(the US state).


I am an officer at my church(I do all of the paper work and handle the money matters:) ) I run a volunteer babysitting type thing every Sunday, and in my spare time, I am a vivid Lucasforums goer and computer gamer. :)


Hobbies: Playing guitar, and LF(duh! ), and sci-fi, Computer gaming


Race: White

Fav Music- good Rock (System of a down, Queen, Pink Floyd)

Fav.Games: Jedi Knight Outcast, Star Trek Elite Force, Star trek Bridge Commander, And the Star Trek: Starfleet command Series.

Fav TV shows: Simpsons, Star Trek:TNG, and MST3k

Dislikes: evil people

Currently awaiting: Star Trek: Prime Directive and Away Team 2



Dont hate me cause I'm a trekkie too. :)

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Well well, I guess I'll have to say something about myself..


Name: Jeff Reynolds


Age: 17 (on a Canadian holiday)


Location: Look to the left ;).


Occupation: Two years left, no idea what I'll do after words.


Hobbies: RTS, FPS, Chatting abit


Favourite Music: Not one in particular..


Favourite Games: AOK, JKII, Half Life, Counter-Strike, and Day of Defeat


Most Awaited Games: KOTR, AOM, Raven Shield :D


Born: Nuremburg Germany ;)

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Name: Matt Deans

Age: 27

Location: Australia

Occupation: I work for a University... nothing special though

Hobbies: Guitar/Music, Web stuff, stripping people of their sanity

Fav Music: I like just about everything, but I'm a metal freak. I'm not talking nu-metal, but the real sh*t!

Fav Games: OFP, GTA3, SWAT3, Freespace2, JK2... and more I can't think of.

Fav TV: Who's Line is it Anyway, Cartoons like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, etc, and select Sci-Fi. But TV sucks and I don't watch it except for these few.

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Name: Richard


Age: 15


Location: Enfield, London


Occupation: School (3 years left)


Hobbies: Girls, RPG, RTS games,


Favourite Music: Ash


Favourite Games: RA2/YR, JKII, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Morrowind, Icewind Dale


Most Awaited Games: KOTOR, RCT2,


Born: Enfield, London

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Name : Frode Thoen

Age : 18

Location : Norway

Occupation : One year left of high school.

Hobby : PC, karate, footbal, anything that will pass time.

Music : Basically everything and anything.

Fave games : NWN, Halo, Warcraft III, GTA 3.

Awaited Games : Mechassault, Doom III, KotOR, Galaxies, UT 2003.

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Name: Andrew peachey (God i hate my name)

age: 16

occupation: student and soon to be college student when these holidays r over

hobbies: star wars,pc games,drawing



Fav games: gbg,super mario 64, zelda oot

Awaited games: kotor,galaxies,clone wars,doom 3

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Aliases: Ki-Adi-Mundi, SL_Ki-Adi-Mundi, Daz'ar Tae


Age: 16


Location: SE Central Arkansas (U.S.)


Occupation: Junior in High School


Hobbies: Computers... that covers a wide variety of things, my trumpet, various sports.


Favorite Music: No possible way in H-E-double hockey stick I could decide that.


Favorite Games: Jedi Knight, Star Trek: Armada II, Asheron's Call, Counter-Strike, Flight Sims, Zelda games, G-nome, mech games in general.


Most Awaited Games: KOTOR, Asheron's Call 2, Elite Force 2

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name: emile


age: 23


location: london, uk


occupation: student ( BA English and philosophy )/army ( HM's Royal Military Police, 4th Regiment, ADGEN Corps )/Dj ( when im off school and the Army )


hobbies: computers, reading ( anything - once read the entire script on a bog roll wrapper for something to do ), music ( i am a DJ ), rugby ( play for my university ), various other sports ( i watch em ) and of course women...as they are so damn hard to understand, you have to study them...


Fav music: anything cept for techno ( bastardisation of hard house ) and death metal ( i cant take it no more!!!! )...but i love most acoustic stuff like the cranberries and ecletic bads like lucy pearl...


Fav games: JK2, freedom force, baldurs gate 2, UT ( now the UT3k3 demo - already uninstalled UT...hey it was getting boring after a while ), Rune, Pharoah, Quake 3 and shogun.


All time fav game/s: the legend of zelda series, the megaman series and the metroid series ( was a big nintendo fan!!! )


most awaited game/s: kotor ( of course ), the next installment of American Army ops ( for what it is, its good ), halo ( on the pc ), ufo ( next xcom game ), UT 2003 and tron 2.0

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name: Jon


EDIT: age: 26


location: Washington State, USA


Job: Golf pro


hobbies: golfing, LF, Xbox, pc


fav games: half-life, JO.........I'm forgetting a couple....oh yeah, Zelda A link to the Past/Ocarina of Time.


upcoming: Knights Of the Old Republic, Soul Caliber 2


Bio: I'm just happy to be a part of this....:D

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Might as well add a bio of my own :)


Name: Ruben van der Leun


Age: 19


Location: The Netherlands, Hardinxveld


Occupation: First year in a new college


Hobbies: Computers, GBA, music, RPGs(the Pen&Paper style), Wing Chung, biking


Favourite Music: Various artists, with special mention of Nightwish and the Corrs


Favourite Games: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight, Dark Forces, Fallout 1, Final Fantasy 8, Planescape Torment...


Most Awaited Games: Knights of the Old Republic and various GBA titles.

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Age: 18


Location: Lititz, PA

Occupation: none yet, i have an interview at McDonald's tomorrow

Hobbies: Computer Gaming, Walking long distances alone, listening to techno/trance/electronica all day, posting on these forums, and rping.


Favourite Music: Techno, Paul Oakenfold


Favourite Games: All the Turok, Unreal Tournament, Galactic Battlegrounds, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast, Xwing Alliance, Force Commander, Rogue Squadron, Battle for Naboo


Most Awaited Games: Knights of the Old Republic, Gladius, Fable, and B.C.

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age: 22

location: belgium

occupation: 3th year of engineer study at uni

hobbies: lf & the hangout (see sig), a bit guitar, indoor soccer, parties,...

music: mostly rock, jazz, drum&bass and some old songs.

games: rtcw, jk2

awaited games: kotor

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age: oldest one here

sex: female

location: London, England

occupation: homemaker

marital status: married

dependants: 2 daughters

favourite games: jk2, max payne, half life, rtcw

awaited games: star trek elite force 2, kotor, tomb raider: the angel of darkness

hobbies: bringing up 2 kids, internet, games

music: D&B, R&B etc etc

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Name: Adrian Kay

Age: 27

Location: Australia

Occupation: Uni Student (technically)

Hobbies: Gaming, rampant DVD collecting, Pimping Forcematch, taking the piss.

Fav Music: Gwar, Real Metal, 80s cheese, occasional strange gaywad girly songs that get under my skin

Fav Games: OFP, GTA3, Mafia, C&C, JK2, JK1,

Fav TV: Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Who's Line is it Anyway (British only), South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Babylon 5, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict, Star Trek (all series). Apart from that, TV is total sh*te.

Latest DVD: Season 1 boxed sets of Futurama, Babylon 5 and Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda (Awesome technical extras on the latter)

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Name: Rhett Peterson


Age: Old enough


Location: Western Iowa


Occupation: *shrugs*


Hobbies: Let's see, there's LF and there's LF, oh yeah and LF. ;)


Favourite Music: Currently it's been STP.


Favourite Games: Jedi Knight, Zelda


Most Awaited Games: Knights, Halo 2, Doom III, Zelda

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Name:Gidon Benyosef.


Hobbies: XBOX, Tae Kwon Do(I won A gold Medel), Playing the Guitar.

Location:Claremore, Oklahoma.

Favorite games:Halo, Splinter Cell, Star Wars Force Commander, Morrowind, JK2(XBOX), NFL Fever 2002, X-Wing Alliance, Chess, JK1, Lucas Forums, Reading.

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