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Han Solo model in progress

Major Clod

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In the Episode V movie there are Pain- sounds of Han Solo....

In Cloud City Solo gets tortured by a machine from

Figg & Associates Metallurgisch....


The machine was not made for torture. Vader has modifyd the machine. It was a Scanmachine for anilyse metalmonsters.



I hope you can finish your Han Solo model with it!



:D :D :D

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the executor that scene and those sounds have been recommended and discarded before, the scene cuts too fast into vader outside the torture room and the souns come from the other room, that wouldn't sound good on game because if you kill han solo you will hear his scream like if it were coming from another room.

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Can I test out your Han Solo model???

I really like the character I could give you feed back on your sounds and so on...I really would like to help!!!

Right now I am currently working on a new Yoda skin--making it more like the Ep2 movie---

I am helping out with the Watto Model with sounds

If I could help you out with this model It would be soooo great thank you!!!



RJW_ca "OUT"



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Hmm, don't know if your stuck on sounds, but if you are I just remembered the scene out of the Temple of Doom where the boy jabs the red-hot torch thing into Indy's chest, he makes a rather loud cry as I recall... (Don't think there was too much background music at that point either, but I could be wrong, it's been a while...)

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hansolo's readme that came with the model says with animations???


How do I make Han Solo's ANIMATIONS work in game???

he says taunts in multiplayer but doesn't move his lips--is this right??



Han Solo doesn't show up in singleplayer !! Should he???


the gun looks awsome!!!


RJW_ca "OUT!"


please e-mail me about this!!



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