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Han Solo model in progress

Major Clod

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Originally posted by Pnut_Master

Empire Strikes Back..on Bespin..han was getting tortured by that hot sparky thingy..lol..got a few sounds there :)

Originally posted by Major Clod

Uber Sith: Believe me I tried that sound, but the problem is, as soon as he really starts screaming, the shot changes to outside the interogation room, and his scream has faded. In game it would sound like the scream is coming from another room, through a wall or something like that, even if the player is right infront of you.

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Originally posted by Double_S84

I know this is off topic but i know you have a Legolas model. Do you plan on ever bringin it to JK2? It looked really good. Especially the bow and arrows on his back. I just think it was really good. You should think bout it. I know i have been.


I asked this to Major Clod as well, and he said it wasn't for any particular game, but he might bring it to JK2.


Also, t3rr0r, you do realize that like 65% of your posts are quotes, right... Just thought it was interesting, because I could almost predict what quote you would use:)

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hey,major have u finished the blasttech yet?

if so when do u plan to release it?

and how far is han to completion?


The Blastech is done, I will release it with the Han Solo model. Right now I have just finished the CTF skins, basically all that remains is the sound set and the bot files. What I will be doing is having three Han's in the one download, one from each film. The ANH version features the standard Han: single breasted shirt with black vest and red stripes on pants. The ESB version will feature Han with his blue jacket, double breasted shirt and yellow stripes on pants. The ROJ version features Han with double breasted shirt, vest and yellow striped pants. Oh my all those clothes for you to choose from! :)


I was attempting to have the ROJ Han wear the Endor coat, but I really don't have the time to weight it so that it does not clip through his body, which is a real time consuming thing to do. I will see what happens though, but chances are it won't be included. Each version will have its own taunt from its corresponding movie. Also, the three versions will be sharing textures as to make for a smaller download.


Han should be released within the next week or so.

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