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Be Kind To Mods Week

Darth Groovy

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Starting today through Oct 5, I am implimenting "International Be Nice To Mods Week". Let's face it, moderating Jedi Knight II Forums has got to be nothing less than a full time job with all the squirels posting on here. Quite frankly I would not give their problems to a monkey on a rock. So use this thread to say something nice to the mods, or say nice things about your favorite mod, and hey.........lets give em a break huh?


Edit-BTW, we should be nice to them all the other weeks during the year too! :p








*runs out of the room*

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Can obi be the exception? PLEEEEEEASE!!! *gives rhett novelty spoon replica good person gift*

There's an upside to this hehehe :D

only a small til i have control of mods tooo mhuqwhhahahahahaha.

*Leaves loads of spoon gifts on table*

take em mods ;)

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