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What does your surname mean?

Jah Warrior

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they got beans on mine... no suprise:)


but I have been told it either means, or is close to the word that means "robber" in polish.


I have no idea if its true or not:) I have no reason not to, I know the name is polish...


/me steals Darth Groovy's tiny little mod stick and replaces with a rubber chicken.



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that thing says my name is of Welsh decent...BZZZZZZZZT, sorry! My last name is Brice, which can be traced back to a Rev. Brice who change his last name from Bruce...I'm related (not really closely, but related nonetheless) to Robert de Bruce, once King of Scotland


first interesting side note, my maternal great-Grandmother's (that's my grandma's mother) maiden name was Wallace (which is traceable back to William Wallace :D )


second interesting side note, one of my friends can trace his family STRAIGHT back to family members that owed fealty to and were advisors & close friends of the Bruce Clan in Scotland :)

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