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Originally posted by dvader28

I also use photoshop....this was pretty simple, just a few layers, some opacity changes and some scanlines. If you like i can make you one if you give me an idea of what you want.


look at my sig and i want stormtroopers in it

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Well TK-99, here's my sig image for you...feel free to suggest changes/additions.




and with a slight addition



I'll make sig images for anyone, for points (if they can afford them). :D Let me know what you want on it, and i'll see what i can do.

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I don't post much anymore, so PM me what you guys on the recieving end would like me to do...


1) Give you 20-30 points

2) Wait a long time for me to hit 50 for each of you


The second option is not fair to the people later on my list... The Swamp sucks now, IMO, and I come here once a day (not really long...) DF forum, and my RPG/ Fan Fic and send stuff via PMs...


PM me what ya want me to do...

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Hello members of the Father Torgue Foundation, I would like to request some donations for the get ET a sig pic fund. As soon as I achieve the 200 or so points to get that, all my points will be donated here, to goto other causes :D


Nice work there dvader28, but shouldnt that be in the Sic Pig request thread?


There's a sick pig thread? Poor pig..........;)

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