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WIP: New Yoda... Assistance Requested


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No disrespect intended to Kinja or Team Yoda, yet I've been wanting for a Yoda model with a few aesthetic changes just not possible with skins. This is the product of that desire.




I'm relatively competent in modeling, however it's beyond my ability to make the proper conversions to bring this into the game. I need someone to help me skin, weight the mesh, apply a skeleton, as well as make the final conversion to a glm file. Whew, I'm asking alot! :p


Currently the robe (as seen in these pics) is just a quick mock-up. I think it resembles a lab coat more than what I'm shooting for, so I intend to make alterations to improve accuracy. I also need to add eye balls and a few polys for hair. Any feedback on proportions, etc. is welcome.


Anyone interested in helping me bring this model into the game (preferably someone with previous experience), please drop me a private message.



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That does look extremely good. Even the "lab coat" is excellent, though Yoda's (in EP2 at least) was frayed at the bottom and all over, now that I think about it. That's something that could be done more easily with the skin, so I'll wait to see how it looks!


This is a Yoda model I will actually download. :)

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Thanks everyone for the compliments - it's very encouraging.


The current polygon count (without the robe) stands at 3,014 (the head alone is 1024). This is just after I added the faces for the eyes and a base mesh under the collar (so you can't peek down into the hollow of Yoda's body).


I haven't added caps yet, so that will increase the poly count somewhat as well.


Admittedly I'm ignorant as to the poly count limit. I vaguely recall reading somewhere it was 4000, in which case even with the robe I should be okay. If it's more like 2000, well then I'm screwed. :p There's still room for trimming... though I really don't want to drop a single poly from the head if I can avoid it.


I think the "smoothness" can just be attributed to Maya's rendering engine - it does a fairly handy job especially with anti-aliasing fully cranked.


Anakin - I've sent an email your way; any help would be greatly appreciated and I'd love to contribute to AOTC:TC.


inbredyokel - I'd love your help in skinning... that would be great. I've got AOTC on dvd and can screen grab it silly to get some great textures. Assuming someone will help me in converting the model to a glm, I'll let you know as soon as it's ready to skin.


Aru-Wen - frayed? Hmm... sure you're not thinking of Empire Strikes Back? My eyes aren't what they used to be, but Yoda's robe looks almost too new and clean to me. Either way, you're right... skinning is definitely the best way to address things like that.


Psyk0Sith - you may remember me as one of your biggest fans. :) I'm the "Maya guy" who was looking for help in another thread. Unfortunately I still don't have access to 3dMax, so until I find someone who does (and is enthusiastic in taking on the burden of compiling the glm) the model is stuck in Maya land. :(


Wow, for once I'm actually happy my ISP dropped my connection!


KevinCoyle - hot diggity dog! Two of my heros posting on my humble little model! If you don't mind, your help in getting my little Yoda in game form would be HUGELY appreciated! I'm firing you off an email right now...


Anyhow, I'll try to keep you all posted and get some new screen grabs up as soon as I can.


Thanks again, and may the Schwartz Be With Ya All!

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No offense to Kinja and the Yoda Team, but their skin + model seemed too childish, I didn't get the Yoda feel when I viewed and played with the little guy. This new model captured the very essence of Yoda, it's so crazy. I'm going to constantly check this thread for sure :)

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Excellent! :)


As Bart said, facial animation would be great to see added to the model.


I personally like the 'lab-coat' as it is. It just needs some tweaks and then you can skin that puppy. ;)


Although I cannot model, I'll still try to help with the production in mysterious ways. :D

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Originally posted by KaiaSowapit

inbredyokel - I'd love your help in skinning... that would be great. I've got AOTC on dvd and can screen grab it silly to get some great textures. Assuming someone will help me in converting the model to a glm, I'll let you know as soon as it's ready to skin.


Sounds good. I have the DVD also, which I'll probably use to get a good load of reference. I'd rather avoid photoskinning though, I'm pretty sure I can get a better fit and resemblance if I just duplicate what I see from scratch.

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Facial Animations??? ARe those Possible even? BTW your model freaking owns man!!! /me likes very mucho....Im trying to learn how to model somewehat. Ive been swamped helping a friend with a super-cool mod that will be coming out soon,but Im learning from one of THE Best Modelers. Some of his work can be seen HERE and he even remodeled the old yoda to work without the size command by combining him with his hover chair or whatever a pic found HERE Hes helping me remake my model now its going to have upside down saber mode :) Dont know what upside down saber mode is check ... HERE

Downsaber works without mods or anything to cause its done a diff way I can use it on any server muahahaha... I can also use normal saber mode too switching back and forth at the touch of a button (all without any mod plus it will work in any mod!!!)



So Using his tutorials and stuff and his giudance Im going to try my hand at modeling.

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Thanks again everyone for the encouragement. It's always nice to hear. I've been a bit busy the past couple of days, but hopefully Yoda will be in the pipeline soon.


Bart Skywalker - sorry, I'm not currently adopting the model for facial animation. I agree it would be very cool indeed, but I'm pushing the limit on polycount as is. Besides, correct me if I'm wrong, but none of the models in MP take advantage of facial animation anyhow (least none I have seen).


Hèkx Nòxú - Hawaiian Yoda? I think I'd need to visit for sake of "reference" first... care to front me a plane ticket? :D


inbredyokel - Yup you're prolly right about "phototexturing" - even on DVD the resolution is too low to really be functional. Plus with all the varied lighting and camera distortion, I imagine it would be more trouble than it's worth to reconstruct properly. As you pointed out, it's still a great tool for reference though, and I'd be happy to share with you the screen grabs I made to help inspire me.


{BK}SupremePain - latest polycount is just a scootch over 3200 (what's an 200 extra polys between friends?)... that's with the robe and extra poly's for hair. Hopefully you all can live with that.


And spandex? I got your spandex right here! :p


MustangMatt302 - TMNT? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Sorry, though I'm a fan, my main interest is in Star Wars. Maybe next time. ;)

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