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In case anyone cared..

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Aw, c'mon!


When you formulate it like that ("In case anyone cared...") I am tempted to just NOT CARE...


And I can resist everything but temptation...


*Kingz says more stuff that he might as well cut out*


Here's a little image from yours truly:



(oh, and BTW, that is not me - that is just some guy advertising pants)

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Originally posted by Squinky




Edit: That said a naughty word but lucasforums censored it :(


Wow. Amazing the lengths someone will go to, to be obnoxious.

To introduce all of you to Squinky is a big disservice to you, but I have no other choice.

Squinky is the resident troll of #monkey-island. For whatever reason he has a nasty agenda against me and feels the need to come here and bug you people because you're my friends. He makes fun of me at every interval possible, brings up things about my personal life(But after all, he's ONLY KIDDING!! Heh.), nitpicks every single thing I do, and obviously is obsessed with me in some facet or another considering he came to a forum he has no real interest in just to jab at me.


At any rate, I love all of you, and thank you for the messages and kind words. There are too few of those in this world.

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