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  1. Hey, just curious about what's happening with the models.

  2. Yo dude, can come over to gmail?

  3. Sure, I'll meet you at the sote chatbox tomorrow morning anytime from 8 - 11:30.

  4. Yep everything is you said is right.

    1 - The Bridge is the only thing working

    2 - The polies I sword I converted into meshes, sorry

    3 - I gave you new files in an email which you should be able to open, they were saved in 2011 format when you're using 2010.

  5. At the moment I have fixed the problem and have the first area of the Phoenix, a ship, in the game. However there is probably going to be a very good chance that I will yell at you again about the model.

  6. Not yet, I haven't had any time to focus on SOTE because of a paper I'm writing. Just passed the 16 page mark and I'm almost halfway done.

  7. Thanks I really appreciate it. I've been working on this area for God knows how long and it's finally coming together.

  8. Everything worked smoothly. I just need to edit one of the floor faces because it likes to flash around a bit as the camera moves.

  9. Hey there chiefy. I'm having a problem with getting an area model into TSL. Can I get your help when you get a chance?

  10. Hey there chiefy. I'm having some trouble with importing an area model into TSL. Can I get your help with it when you get a chance?

  11. Hey Trex, I have a question for you about an area model. Will you be on anytime later this afternoon?

  12. Yo dude, need to talk SOTE. Let me know what your schedule is, yell at me when you get a chance.

  13. That's really weird, I was expecting everything to be in the gui folder. Let ask around and I'll let you know.

  14. When you get a chance can you send me the textures I had you make for the Malachor IV temple. The ones that looked kind of tan or brownish.

  15. Welcome back TB, when you get a chance yell at me on gmail or the sote chatbox

  16. I'm on right now if you want to meet

  17. Yo dude, come over to SOTE chatbox...

  18. Hey there chiefy, just wondering what the status in on the Phoenix model I sent you.

  19. Thanks chiefy, I hope yours went well. My friends and I got to ruin a couple of ducks entire weekend because they became the Easter dinner...

  20. No, I'm really not a fan of purchasing a $50 game and then have to pay a monthly fee for something I already bought. Now if I can play through the plot without going into multiplayer mod, then I would get it but until then, I'm not getting it.

  21. Can you swing by the sote chatbox?

  22. Can you come on to the Team Hssiss website? Logan and I are talking about sote

  23. Sorry, I saw you on there and said something but you must have been afk. I had a dinner I had to go to and that's why I left. However I'm going to be talking with Canderis tonight about 9 o'clock eastern standard time about a new idea for sote. Can you be on?

  24. The project is still running but lately it has been slow due to college executing its dark reign of terror upon me with all kinds of assignments. However I do intend to continue SOTE once I can find some time to get down and dirty with the mod.

  25. Great, I'll see you there.

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