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  1. Hey Sith Specter, I'm not sure if Canderis told you but he had me join in on your project to help out whenever there is a problem. If you need anything done, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I can model areas and do module editing.

  2. send me your email

  3. are you on gmail?

  4. You should get some kind of pop up or be able to right click on the chat box and it will take you to the appropriate link

  5. I'm talking about the chat box at the bottom, you may need a java add-on

  6. Hey can you come to this site, I have a question for you



  7. Hey I was just informed that my module video tutorial download links aren't working any more, I'm setting them back up now. Can you come to this site for a bit?



  8. thanks i'll see if I can reupload them soon

  9. sorry, i missed you, ill come back here around 8ish eastern time

  10. still around?

  11. want to mod today? if so come to gmail

  12. Yo do you come on at all any more? Yell at me when you get a chance.

  13. can you swing by sote.weebly.com? I have a question for you

  14. where are you at?

  15. Hey Dak, can you meet me over at the sote.weebly.com chatbox, I have a question for you. If you're not there in 20 minutes I'll just send you a PM because I need to go to be soon...

  16. At the moment just been busy with college nonsense, but, i believe I should be able to get back into modding for a few days at least...

  17. Wow, that is really a top notch model of R2 so far. Will you let me know when the guy releases it since it's not often that I can get around here so much any more? I'm going to see if he will give me the okay in using it in SOTE.

  18. no worries, i was just curious

  19. Yo, what's the news on the phoenix?

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