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  1. Heh, some kind of casual/casino type game is actually exactly what the box art screamed to me when I first saw it too. Bad call I say. :~
  2. The cover art would work if that many people were aware of who she actually is. Maybe they are in Germany?
  3. Is it a CRC (cyclic redundancy check) error?
  4. The resolution should be a no-brainer if you have an LCD screen as they only run at one native resolution — any others will look terrible in comparison. If it's a CRT monitor (fat back), it's more a case of going as low as you can before it starts to look bad. The higher the resolution, the more strain on your graphics card. Be sure to also have downloaded the latest drivers for your card from NVIDIA's site. Drivers can make a huge difference, and those supplied with the card are typically the first and slowest drivers available. While you're at it, you'll want the latest Psychonauts patch too. Your hardware looks like it should be OK for running Psychonauts, although you may have to lower some settings. Stuff like anti-aliasing is particularly efficient at slowing you down, so make sure it's turned off. The only potentially weak point I can see is the graphics card — I ran the game pretty smoothly with comparable CPU and RAM, but that was with a GeForce 6600 GT. If you're getting really bad stuttering and freezes with that hardware, there must be an external factor at play. It could be drivers, or it could be your machine overheating like you say. Overheating will cause problems, although hardware should turn itself off in that eventuality. Pretty much any CPU and RAM available won't allow itself to overheat, but I think only later graphics cards have shut-down safety measures. As such, older graphics cards like yours could theoretically melt themselves into an early grave if the fan stops working or something.
  5. Ace. Looks like a heartily excessive upgrade — just the way I like it! Are you going to be joining us for crazy Mojo Team Fortress 2 fun? Just look at those hours on the side, man. My machine's been very similar for a while now after my May 2007 upgrade, although I did slot in some new components a few months after making that post. As such, the current load-out is: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.0GHz (overclocked) 4GB o' Corsair DDR2 XMS2-6400C4 TwinX (4×1GB) Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Professional Asus P5B Deluxe BFG GeForce 8800 GTX OverClocked (600MHz) 768MB 300GB PATA Samsung hard drive I've actually had a 500GB SATA drive sat under my desk to replace this one with since about January, but I just can't be arsed. :~ I run games at 1920x1200 so if I see a cheap 8800GTX knocking around I'll probably consider running in SLI. Otherwise this remains a pretty solid machine, and I think it'll keep me going well into the next major generation of PC hardware.
  6. That links gives me a not-found page error.
  7. Yes. It's not a bad game at all. Inferior to the other three for sure IMO, but still well worth playing. In terms of quality it sits above most adventure games (especially any released afterwards).
  8. Great stuff, monk. People still turn up relatively often asking where they can get your novel, or if such a novel exists. It's great that you've given it a refresh. God knows how I missed this thread before.
  9. The game was relatively choppy when I played using my GeForce 6 a few years ago too, particularly in scenes with lots of models/characters. I think it's unfortunately just the state of driver compatibility with the game nowadays.
  10. There isn't a huge difference between the two modes, but 3D acceleration does make the textures of the models (characters, objects, etc) noticeably smoother, and also allows you to make use of your graphics card's anti-aliasing features (although this is very buggy these days). Here's an example:
  11. At least you actually attempted to do something that fit in with the original rendition of the Scumm Bar and its outside area, rather than doing an Escape from Monkey Island. ¬¬ If you ever decide to do something MI-themed for Team Fortress 2, let me know (will need to be relatively big though). I'm sure I can get it put up one one of the Wireplay servers and we can give it a go, just like the old days when we played that old Melee Island HLDM map.
  12. Wow, you've done a really good job of that. It certainly puts the few renditions I've seen in the past to shame, although they were all based on HL1. It'd be even more superb if you recreated part of the outside of the bar. Not the whole town/island obviously, but it'd be nice to be able to go out onto the dock and a little way up the street (which you could block with something or other — traffic cones?).
  13. If you're looking for a newer game, give Psychonauts a go. It's was developed by an ex-LucasArts dream team, with Tim Schafer at the helm (co-designer of Monkey Island 1 & 2, designer of Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango). It's a platformer, but it has all the excellent story/characters/world/etc that made LucasArts' games so good. It's very unlikely you won't enjoy it, so just go for it!
  14. Could be a missing font or something. Is it a legal copy? Once upon a time, warezed games often had a lot of their files ripped out to try and bring down the file size. This often included music, but also other things. It's a long shot, but if you do have such a version it's possible one of the core language or font files were removed. Whatever the case, if everything's running fine but the text literally isn't appearing I'd be inclined to think such a file is corrupt or something.
  15. Heh, those are awesome! Any info on where exactly it is, etc? I might make a news post on Mojo about it (unless some bender beats me) once the current big news about new games dies down.
  16. You cannot link to them directly on your own computer, and you wouldn't want to anyway as they'd stop working as soon as you turn it off. You need to transfer them to an image hosting website, such as this one: http://www.mediafire.com/ After you upload there'll be a bunch of tabs if you scroll down, one of which is 'Embed in Website' — then you just need to paste the 'Forum Embed Code' into here. Should be pretty quick and easy.
  17. Thrik


    Like returning to your childhood school that's been derelict for many years, no?
  18. Over the years I've caught quite a bit of flak from other administrators and such for the lax attitude in this forum, which I still maintain has worked out well and as such have defended the way things are many times. It's an interesting community, for sure. However, the most recent bout of complaints really does hold some weight. Some of you are seriously taking the piss, with personal insults directed at other members, generally going well out of your way to ostracise certain people, and general rampant stupidity. I don't mind spammy threads — lord knows the forum is 99% comprised of them — but I really don't like it when people start turning on each other. It's impossible for me to defend your actions, there's no need to it, and it's downright not nice. If you want to act like a dick then there're plenty of places like 4chan and Something Awful to do so. Maybe even RD2? I don't want to have to progress onto issuing personal warnings and ultimately bans, but there've been enough requests to tone it down. Avery has given you several in the form of thread closures and verbally, and I'm asking you again right now. With this type of behaviour, even if I don't deal with you another administrator is going to end up stepping in. If you really do dislike someone enough so much you can't resist being mean to them, just put them on your ignore list (ideally without reminding them they're on your ignore list every time they post). Thank you!
  19. Man, you never played Curse? Unlike Escape, Curse actually sits around the same level of quality as its predecessors. You be a nutter!
  20. It's just a game music site. It loads fine for me.
  21. The videos aren't fantastic quality, sitting at something like 640x480 I believe. As a result it does depend on your resolution, with higher resolutions and clearer displays (ie: LCD) making the compression of the videos a bit more obvious. On my 1920x1200 the compression is quite clear. If you want to take a screenshot (press 'print screen' on your keyboard and then paste into a graphics program) I can always confirm that is/isn't the level of quality to expect.
  22. I doubt it'll be any LucasArts license because: They already have one successful use of a former LucasArts license under their belt, making the use of a second license kind of predictable and thus not unexpected None of LucasArts' older licenses are what you'd really consider 'big' these days To be honest I'm otherwise at a complete loss because it could literally be anything. :~
  23. You might went to check out MapCore if you're looking for help — we have a non-professional recruitment forum that's designed for finding people to help out with mods. There's a professional version too if you happen to be interested in the field professionally.
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