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Cantina 12: The Republic Strikes Back


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Deac: I'm in the skies above Tellacos. How soon can you get here?




Malice: Whatever. *Takes a nice looking power core* Just be careful with that old cloning stuff over there. It might not work anymore, but we don't want anyone fouling it up with their DNA.

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Nom and Tarila made it back to Coruscant and went straight to their employer. He appeared to be very old and they spoke to him with some respect.


"We did as you ordered, sir," Nom said. The man grinned.


"Good. Your pay has been transferred to your account. That is all."


Nom and Tarila went back to their ship where it was in orbit.


"Now what?" Tarila asked. Nom stared out one of the windows.


"Now we wait for the next job to present itself. I get the feeling we won't have to wait long."

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F. Irvine "Hmm, oddly fitting name, but interesting none the less. And is he been taking part in any training? He seems useless right now, expect for the name, he's nothing mor ethen a mere child with 'gifts', of some sort..."

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*Kioet's ship drops out of hyperspace over the planet*


Kioet: This must be it. They better have my stuff...


*the ship enters the planet's atmosphere and descends to the meeting place*


Zey: There, is that them?


Kioet: Yeah, there's Farran.


*The ship lands a few feet in front of Farran, the boarding ramp descends and Kioet walks down to meet him, Zey following behind*


Kioet: Is my stuff here yet?

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Deac: They want to sell us weapons. But that's not important now. I'm worried Elella might have gone after Lokpihet...




Malice: Either way, first pick of this stuff is yours. Take a good look.

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Rwos: You're right, it isn't. Things have changed. I would advise refusing them outright, if they ask again. But...who is Elella? Your daughter?




Farran: So you're finally here? Well, no, it isn't here, at least not right here. Obviously. You need to talk to Aren. I think they want you to sign a contract or something. *He points to a ship sitting on a field a short distance away* They've been waiting.

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*Kioet looks off towards the direction of Aren's ship*


Kioet: Alright. Zey, stay here with Farran, one of my fans wants an autograph.


*Kioet walks over to the ship*


Zey: geez, looks like I'll have to introduce myself. I'm Zey. Who are you, and what the hell are we all doing?

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Originally posted by jokemaster

A small freighter uncloaked in front of them. It had a New Republic insignia. The Vilnov's radio crackled to life.

Voice: Nom and Tarila Vilnov, we have a job for you.


"Wow!" Tarila muttered to Nom. "You said fast, but I didn't expect it to be this fast."


Nom nodded slowly. "I didn't either," he whispered. Then, he responded to the hail.


"Very well," he said. "Come aboard. My crew will escort you to the bridge. I warn you not to try anything. My crew is a holographic one, so you will not be able to do them any harm. I suggest you not try, for they can pick up real weapons and do some damage to you. Let them do their job and bring you here."


"Now we get to wait," Tarila said quietly. "It will be at least five minutes before the crew will be done."

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Tarila had long since left the bridge and the contractor found Nom alone there. Nom greeted him shortly and got straight to business.


"You said you have a job for us?" he said. The contractor nodded and Nom sighed impatiently. "Well what is it, and is my sister going to need to be here? If she is, I can call her and she'll be here in a few seconds. If not, just tell me about the job."


Before the contractor could say anything, Tarila reentered the bridge. She looked him up and down before saying anything.


"So," she said, "what's the job?"


Nom and Tarila are very one minded when it comes to jobs.

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Contactor: Assasination. We need you to take out 3 targets. If you can capture them, there's a bonus. These are the targets.

*The man opened the briefcase. It showed 3 faces, Jim Greer's, Taklin Flax's and Deac Starkiller's*

Contactor: We are prepared to pay you 50,000 credits for each person. It must, of course, be kept in the dark.

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"And I am to assume that none of the targets are together," Nom said. Tarila nodded thoughtfully.


"All the more fun for us," she said. Nom nodded and grinned.


"Very well, we accept," he said and Tarila's face took on a look of satisfaction.


((Didn't expect to be a bad guy, but hey! Whatever works.))

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