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Cantina 12: The Republic Strikes Back


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[Deac Starkiller: *His Autobiography summed up* Deac was a minor nobleman on a mid-rim world who joined the alliance during the galactic civil war. He was captured by his evil(ish) brother, Syrnl and taken to a facility, where amongst other experiments he was given force ability by having his genome altered to produce midi-chlorians. He escaped, and had a few adventures with extra-planar beings. He became a cyborg after surviving a cataclysmic explosion. He is currently hunting his long-lost daughter]




Deac: I...don't find her here. Check the ship manifests. Maybe she had one.




*F.Irvine recieves a call*


Lokpihet: Irvine, do come to the planet below. I've made a few changes to our organisation, and I've also found some things you may be interested in.

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((Welcome, wildjedi! ^_^ Anyone is welcome in the Cantina RPG...even though it doesn't really take place in a cantina anymore ;)


Pretty much what Admiral said. Maybe I can clarify the galactic backstory (by no means everything that's happened, but everything the average galactic citizen might know about):


1. Insert Star Wars backstory here, including EU up to about the NJO (which hasn't happened yet/may never happen) but add the Starkillers (good) and the Darkstars (evil) to the roster of well-known galactic figures.


2. Cracken Palpatine emerges. Palpatine's son, as the next in the line of Sith Lords, gathers the Imperial Remnant and ressurrects one last superweapon of Palpatine's - a world-destroying battlemoon called the Crimson Star - and begins bringing the galaxy back under Imperial rule. Some planets return willingly. Others are crushed into submission.


3. Cracken reaches Coruscant. A huge battle seems in the offing, but forces gather and it never happens. For some unknown reason, Cracken has a change of heart, leaves Coruscant and destroys his battlemoon.


4. Cracken and the New Republic divide up the galaxy. Those who want the (now somewhat nicer) Imperial government go with Cracken. The other planets are either independent or under the New Republic.


5. The generals of the Imperial Remnant are very unhappy with this peace treaty. They form a council of their own and declare war on Cracken. The Imperials break into two, Cracken's loyalists and the Remnant's Separatists. After a brief civil war, Cracken crushes them.


6. Mysterious beings called vampires appear on Coruscant. After killing many of the planet's inhabitants, and using some unknown power to temporarily block out Coruscant's sunlight, they vanish without a trace.


7. While this is happening the more corrupt politicians of the New Republic government pull a coup. After the corrupt politicians attempt to destroy Coruscant, rather than deal with the vampires, the New Republic splits.


8. Now.



As for my 'Extradimensionals', they are hardly one faction, though all mine come from the same dimension; which is basically an alternate Earth, where a hidden magic world exists. There are the Blades, who are a small force trying to deal with extradimensional troublemakers in this dimension. There are the Shadows, who are a multidimensional criminal organization trying to extend its roots into this one. Then there are miscellaneous refugees, who've secretly come to this dimension from other worlds in hopes of a better life (usually.) The presence of all these groups is currently secret, except to those in high positions in certain galactic governments.


Hope that helps. ;)


*Goes back to waiting for Rogue15 to reply*))

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((Okay, My turn.


The Flax Family:


Taklin Flax is the decendant of one of the great old houses. The family have a historical alliance with house Starkiller.


Taklin is mow middleaged, he joined the Rebellion at 16, where he met his wife, Sophae Windrider (no longer living), they had three children. The two sons, Halren and Kalren are both Jedi, as are their parents. The daughter Mirra is force blind.


The others basically covered the rest.))


((Scar: I thought we were goint to keep silly dimension hopping to a minimum?))




Hal: We are going to need to see the port controller. Drago, how loyal is the planet.


Drago: The locals want to be left alone, the port authoriety are loyal to your father.


Hal: Good, that makes things easier.


*10 minutes later.*


Clerk: Yes, I have the records. When did this Elella leave.


Drago: About five days ago.


Clerk: Okay, let me check................. Yes, only two ships have left within the last week. *Hits print.*


*Hands over hard copy.*


Clerk: Say.......... Colonel, we couldn't have an X-Wing Squad sent here could we? Things look like they're heating up and we're pretty close to the front.


Hal: If this pans out you can have a Fighter Wing. *To Deac.* Get a feeling from either of these names?




Sellena: Good, get going then, I'll have Dasken meet you in the hanger.


Jim, could I talk to you alone? *Gestures for the others to leave.*

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((My characters:

Domingo "Jokemaster" Chavo: My starting character, who's been negelected lately. He joined the rebels near the end of the civil war, then became a mercenary. Most of his jobs came from the NRI. Greer hired him for very dangerous missions which officially the NRI couldn't do.

Jim Greer: A veteran intelligence agent, he joined the rebellion at the height of the Civil War. He was a teenager at the time. Since then he's fought for what he thought was right. He is currently in the new rebellion along with his team.

O'Conner, Price, Deiter, Dominguez: Snipers on Greer's team.

Perez: Tech wiz on Greer's team.

Caruso, Clark: Soldiers on Greer's team.

Spook: A random spec ops agent stuck on Duriel.))


*Greer nods at the rest and they leave the room*

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*Deac checks them and points*


Deac: That one... the Cali Hem...it must be that one.




*Flashback. Deac and Elella's mother sit in a restaurant. Deac places a ring on a table, with a Cali Gem set into the centre. The ring is then pushed back toward him and she leaves.*




Facility World


*Below the excavation is the final layer of the facility. Malice greets F.Irvine at the entrance*


Malice: This way.


*She takes him through the facilty into a tech lab. A few techs monitor computers at the sides. In the wall, a large blue tube is inset. A humanoid form, covered in wires, can be seen inside, glowing with light*


Lokpihet: You have arrived Irvine. Allow me to explain what it is you are looking at.

Deac Starkiller has constantly beaten me. It is not through his force skill, it's those damned augmentations. Ever since he got them he's been winning victories.

Do you remember the conspiracy? Of the cyborg soldiers that Deac would have been a prototype for? Well, it seems Tafon Norl had a plan in case of it going wrong. It was a more poweful version designed to destroy the augmented soliders should things go wrong. He was in the process of installing it when Starkiller killed him. Now, I have had the completed version installed. When I exit the chamber I will be a god among insects.

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((um? Dunno what you meant, Scar, but this Forgotten-verse I know nothing about does not have anything to do with my universe(s) ;P))


Outer Rim Planet


Farran: *Waiting for Kioet's answer, hears the connection begin to break up* Kioet, she just wants you to get over here. Here's the coordinates - *he rattles off the coordinates* Get here as soon as possible. *The connection breaks off*


Artemis: This planet has some unusual energy fields in its atmosphere. Bad for comm usage...


Aren: ...Good for us. Now, shall we return to business?


Farran: Yes, shall we? I'd like to get this over with. What do you want us to do?


Aren: Simple. The Blades have just recently decided to step up activity in this universe. They want to take decisive action. They're sending an official "detachment" to this universe. Guess what's at the top of their agenda?


*She stares at Farran* That's right. They're after you, Ariel Kasen. And us, of course. All of the "dangerous rogues" who've "invaded" this dimension... So you see, Farran? We're on the same side, after all.

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Sellena: Officially this is pitch black, if you get caught we will denny all knowledge. Unofficially.......... Don't you dare not come back. Now go, before I give a desk job.




Hal: Okay, we have the tradgectory for the ship, lets see where it points.


*Hal and Deac return to the ship and Hal imputes the co-ordinates.*

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*Kioet puts his comm away*


Kioet: alright, Zey. I got the coordinates, now we need to get to my ship and get over there.


Zey: Contract?


Kioet: You'll see.


Zey: ok...where's your ship?


Kioet: It's in the docking bay. How far away are we?


Zey: We're not far. it's just upstairs.


Kioet: alright. I'll put my suit on, and we can get out of here.


*Kioet puts his suit on*


Kioet: ok let's go.


*Kioet and Zey walk up the stairs into the docking bay*


Kioet: There's my ship....I never knew there were rooms below the docking bay.


Zey: Nice ship.


*Kioet presses a control on his suit, which lowers the boarding ramp*


Kioet: alright. let's go.


*Kioet and Zey board Kioet's ship, the loading ramp folds up, and the ship takes off*

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Lokpihet: Deac will be back. I have...forseen it, shall we say? Not to mention this could really help deal with Cracken, and our Aesir enemies. As for the war with the republic, let Stormbaltz handle that.



*Deac picks up his commlink*


Deac: Rwos. Get over here as soon as you can...I need your help

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Deac: Rwos! Lokpihet's going on a mad rampage, Atredis is in ruis, and my daughter's gone missing. Can you get over here soon?




Lokpihet: Malice, while my integration continues, take Irvine here to the storehouse below. See if he can find anything he might want...

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Name: Nom Vilnov

Occupation: Mercenary/ Assassin

Weapons: An assortment of blaster pistols and rifles. Sniper rifle on his back.

Bio: Nom was 16 when he saw his parents killed by a man who was high up in the leadership of the New Republic and vowed revenge. He got it a little over a year later. He had constructed six blaster pistols and was carrying four at the time. By that time, he had also bought the sniper rifle. With the best secrecy he could muster, he an and ran. What made it worse is that his sister was away from the house when it happened, so he feared that something had happened to her. He was relieved when he found out that she survived.

Nom, now 27, has his own ship and has been darting around the galaxy, making it impossible to find him. He is wanted on more than 60 planets for his various mercenary jobs and his first assassination. The authorities still don't know who did his other assassinations. He is helped by his sister.

Though he doesn't realize it, Nom is force sensitive, very much so.



Character No. 2


Name: Tarila Vilnov

Occupation: Mercenary / Assassin

Weapons: knives, daggers and swords.

Bio: Tarila was away from home on an overnight school field trip. When she returned, she found from her brother what had happened and she, too wanted revenge. While Nom was on the building top, Tarila went inside and made her way secretly into the office of the man, but she was caught. Nom's shot, distracted the guards holding Tarila and she was able to get away, but only after providing a good cover for Nom to get away.

Since then, she has become good enough that she can get into any building and sneak up on somebody, close enough to do the dirty work with her daggers. When she uses her swords, she is very deadly. She works in a spinning, flipping and rolling movement that makes her almost impossible to hit and does this until she is close enough to kill somebody.

Tarila is only 17.


((Which side needs me more, good or bad? Whoever needs me the most is going to get me, so they'd better hurry up in recruiting me:D Seriously, though, just add me in somehow since I can't quite figure out how myself.))

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((Wildjedi: Easy thing to do is have your characters on a planet (just pick one), they could be in a middle of a job, just starting or just ending. Doesn't matter you decide. Main thing is you need to set your characters up somewhere, then I'm sure someone will hire them ect.))


Asgard: Valhalla, tournament grounds


*The sun just set on Valhalla. Soon Odin would unviel the new Viking fighters. Soon Odin would recieve a gift from his daughters.


When the night sky was completly dark, the cermony began.*

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((Thanks for the tip.))


Tarila Vilnov paced the bridge of her ship impatiently. The giant black ship was in orbit above the planet Hoth, where her brother was completing an assignment. She would have gone with him, but at a time like this, the best place for her to be was on the ship.


Nom had taken a shuttle to the surface and was in the process of leaving a large box in one of the abandoned shelters there. It was a box full of surveilance equipment, the best Nom and Tarila could find. Their client would be very pleased.


Nom took the shuttle back to the ship and docked. He was greeted by one of their holographic crew and went immediately to the bridge. When he got there, Tarila ran to him and gave him a big hug.


"What took you so long?" she demanded. He laughed.


"Such a heavy box can't be expected to go anywhere fast," he answered. "Our client will be happy with the equipment, though, so it was worth it."


"Should we stay in orbit for a bit?" Tarila questioned. Nom thought about it for a moment and nodded.


"It can't hurt to know who the other intermediary is," he answered. They were to drop the equipment off at Hoth where it would be picked up by somebody else before going to the real client.


After a few moments, another ship came out of hyperspace. This one went straight for the surface, but pulled back when the pilot saw Nom and Tarila's ship.


"Identify yourself," the other ship hailed. Nom grinned.


"You're outgunned," he answered. "Just get the box and get out of here."


"Should we let him know our real mission?" Tarila asked quietly. Nom shook his head.


"He'll know soon enough," he answered. The other ship sped to the surface and returned a while later. Finding Nom and Tarila still there, he hailed them again.


"Now, will you identify yourself?" he asked. Nom laughed.


"Sure," he said. "We'll identify ourselves! Meet Nom and Tarila Vilnov, the ones who made an end to your life!"


The smaller ship had no time to respond, not even to raise shields. The powerful laser bolts lashed out from the larger ship, completely vaporizing the smaller, with the help of the box of 'equipment', which was really a box of explosives.


Tarila stared at the empty space before them and turned to Nom.


"Back to Coruscant?" she asked. He nodded slowly.


"Back to Coruscant," he answered.

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((OK, new semi-bad guy character))

Name: Adrian Bauer

Age: 40

Bio: An intelligence agent recently promoted to replace Greer. Still unknowing of the politicians plots.


*Adrian sighed, first day on the job. He didn't know what had happened to Greer, he seemed like a good man. His boss had given him free reign. He quickly called one of his officers*

Bauer: Listen, I need you to get a contactor. I just got a hot tip about the Vilnov siblings coming to Corusant. I want to hire them. Send someone in, minunimum armament. Have him with a comlink in case things go to hell. They should be arriving soon.

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