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Cantina 12: The Republic Strikes Back


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*After ramming into the cell door a few times, Kioet sits down in the corner of the room*




*somebody walks down the hallway*


Kioet: Who's there?


*a young woman steps in front of the door to Kioet's cell*


Kioet: YOU.


???: Actually...my name is Zey.


Kioet: Why am I in a cell? I did nothing wrong.


Zey: I need a bodyguard.


Kioet: All you had to do was buy me a drink and ask me back at the cantina. But you didn't, you just fricken blasted me and threw me in this cell. Why the hell do you need a bodyguard anyway? Did I forget to mention that I'm taken?


Zey: Why else would I have you in a cell? You sound as if you need to be somewhere. Do you need to be somewhere?


Kioet: YES. like...NOW.


Zey: ok, I'll let you go. Under one condition.


Kioet: ok! whatever! just name it.


Zey: I get to go with you.




Zey: what?


Kioet: oh, nothing. sure, come along I guess. I would like my armor back, and a comm...I have to contact my employer...Wait-Where am I, exactly?


Zey: You're still on tatooine, and inside my house.


Kioet: good. now, where's my stuff?


Zey: down the hall in the room on the left.


Kioet: great.


*Kioet stands up, walks past Zey, down the hall and into the room*


Kioet: good...it's all here.


*Kioet turns on the commlink*


Kioet: Farran, you there?!

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*Lokpihet's SSD arrives above a dark planet. Lokpihet views it out of the window and shudders, remembering that he once died below*


Lokpihet: Send out teams to search the facility for data pending to the installation facility.

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Sellena: Yes you can extract her. You need to do it as fast as possible though. Things are hotting up.


*She hands Greer a disk.*


That's your contact information, memorise it and then destroy it.


You leave as soon as you're ready.




Drago: My Lord, I know only that she has gone. To Imperial Space.


Flax: If she's gone to Imperial Space she might be trying to make a family connection.

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*F. Irvine walks up behind Lokpihet*


F. Irivne "Whats down there that you are looking for?"


((Deac: wait, this is about one of my ideas that I pmed you about, cus i'm thinking that you implementing it in a different way of bringing them in.


cus if it is, good thinkin, cus now it'll be easier to actually 'do it' *twitch*))

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[uh...yes...F.Irvine can find it there]


*Malice hands Lokpihet a datapad*


Malice: I found the implementing technology. However, there will only be enough resources present to do this once.


Lokpihet: That is all I need.

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((Well read the first post and you will get what is currently happening. Also read the last post(s) in the last cantina (Cantina 11) to get an idea.


Uh, there is a lot of history in this RPG.


Quick guide to fractions.


The Aesir controled solely by me, are an advanced race, who are suspicious, self appointed guardians to the galaxy, arrogant to nonAesir, like making fun of Irvine (:p). Live on hidden worlds, are isolationist, militristic (their big celebration is called the tournament). They love their mead, and other stuff.


The New Republic: They have become corrupted and tried to destroy Coruscant. This has caused another civil war.


The Rebels: They are the worlds who broke away from the republic. The leaders of the new rebellion are Flax, Deac, and some members of the old Rebel alliance. BD/Deac control this fraction. Obviously their enemy is the New Republic.


The Empire: Lead by Cracken (palpies son) has signed a peace treaty with the NR (before the civil war). Just fought it's own civil war because of the peace treaty. Cracken's loyalist destroyed the seperatist. This fraction is controled by Cracken (the charcter shares the same name)who is currently AWOL


ExtradimensionalsThrowing this as one fraction since they are controled by Redwing. They currently include the Blades and Shadows who don't like each other. Red can expand on this but think of it this way. Blades are cops, Shadows are criminals.


Lokiphet's fractionsControled by Deac, they are what remains of the seperatists I guess. They want to take over the world, kill Deac (again. :) )and well generally do evil things.


um, that is it in a nut shell. The Jedi I guess could be in one of those fractions besides the Aesir. To the best of my knowledge they are all controlable except for the Aesir and for Red's extradimensionals (if you want to join one of those you need to ask permision). I would not recommend starting with the Empire since Cracken is AWOL.


Story: Was hinted at. The galaxy is in another civil war. The Aesir recently decided to withdraw some of their protection against outside threats and are currently in the midst of celebrating their Tournament.


Lokpihet and Fused Irvine are looking for stuff to conquer the galaxy.


Rwos is traveling in warp space trying to figure things out. The blood scrolls (which hold prophecies) remain somewhat of a mystery.


You should be able to start with this. I'm sure Red will be adding some stuff. The basic rules are no godmodding, and standard stuff.


Otherwise post a charcter bio and you will be worked in somewhere. Won't take long for you to figure things out, if you have specific question feel free to pm me, or contact me on MSN. Cantina has been going for a long time so you may want to read some of the ealier threads if you wish. Might help but by no means necessary.))

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((Fused Irvine in a nutshell:


he is composed of two versions of WH Irvine (whom is a clone of Irvine, Cracken's son (on special request in making an interesting story, gone almost nowhere with Crackles gone)


One version is apart of this timeline, the other is from a timeline currently in process in PTH (an rpg that sprang up from Cantina 6) who ends up before the events of Cantina 7. The obviosuly older version (from PTH) becoems corrupted by an evil entity (someone else explain pls) and makes him 'fuse bodies' with his self. creating a more powerful being.


But the side effect is mental instabiltiy, he he.




Now I'm introing a new race into the Cantina, which for a while will keep quite isolating themselves for the most part. They come from a parrell universe by which they use portals generated by emencely consenrated gravity.


In a nut shell they're practially demons, but not so unlike the hellish type :p (i base a quite a bit from InuYasha)


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