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Thrawn confirmed!!

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Wooohooooo Thrawn, Xizorm Jabba and Garm Bel Iblis will be in the game....


Does that mean the Dreadnaught (as Bel Iblis controls a fleet of 4 of them) will be in too?





8) Who are some of the characters from the films as well as Expanded Universe that will be in the game?




We have several familiar movie characters, as well as lore characters. To name a few, the Rebellion will have Yoda, Garm Bel Iblis and Luke Skywalker, who leaves Red Squadron to become a powerful new ground and space hero. The Empire will have Admiral Thrawn, and the Executor will become Vader’s new flagship with Admiral Piett at the helm. IG-88, the Nightsisters, Bossk and others will work with the Underworld. Jabba the Hutt and Prince Xizor also make appearances.

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doesent ibis only have 3??? it says so in the books ive read.

He slowly builds up his army as he's able to purchase them. He has 4 by the time of Dark Force Rising, but only 2-3 during the height of the Rebellion.


If anything they should modify an assault frigate and call it the Peregrine like they modify a corvette and call it the Sundered Heart for Antilles.

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They will have "taken an idea" from just about ever Star Wars EU source there is. They're not preying on you. They're getting the idea for the Dreadnaught from the same sources where you took the idea for a Dreadnaught from. Such are the difficulties of game-making in an already well-established universe.

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