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Diego Varen

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^ Go Pedro, win the school election....


no but why did you thing that it was a bunny?



I dont even know myself. I just looked at it and I thought it was a bunny...then I had another look and it was a monster thingy with a santa hat. lol.


he said specifically not to ask


And, may I add, I am not a 'he'...I am in fact a 'she'...okay?

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^Still, that avartar still doesn't promote any "Safety" except the words.


@AkumaSF: Frankly, I don't know how to say in English, but I just know they're good at Shockwaves (Or similiar). I'm telling you, I'm better off KOF, not SF. Besides, I played a little Capcom VS. SNK, and did a little research, then I know this much. [Go checking wikipedia.]


[Answer: Ansatsuken. Ryu and Ken's master is Gouken. Goutetsu is the creater of Ansatsuken.]


PS: Why don't you say RC's sig is too DS?

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