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Which console will you get Force Unleashed on?

Which console will you get Force Unleashed for?  

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  1. 1. Which console will you get Force Unleashed for?

    • Xbox 360
    • Playstation 3
    • Playstation 2
    • Nintendo DS
    • Sony PSP
    • Nintendo Wii

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Wii have Super Smash Brothers... oh and Metalgear and Monster hunter and possably FF as well.


The only one of those I'm particularly interested in is Final Fantasy... That and Fumito Ueda's games (Ico and Shadow of the Collosus) are what I'll regret most if I don't get a PS3, but the 360 has more that I want.


Super Smash Bros. on N64 is a favorite classic of mine, but the [admittedly] little that I've played of Melee made it seem like it was just a graphically enhanced version with new characters that were copies of other characters.


(Sorry for getting so off-topic.)

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I'm quite disappointed that TFU isn't going to be on PC, but I'll probably end up getting it for my PS3.


[Rant] off-topic

Has to be 360 - the cheapest and best next gen console by far - microsoft really got it right there.


Also I will be playing Halo 3 on it after buying it in the January sales!

I'm getting mine on Xbox 360 as well. PS3 was too expensive.$$$


40 GB PS3 out of the box - $399 - ebgames.com

HDD 40GB - inlcuded

Blu-Ray Player - indluded

Wifi - included

Online Network - free

Spiderman 3 (Blu-Ray)

Game 1 (to match 360 bundle) - $59

Game 2 (to match 360 bundle) - $59

Total - $517 plus tax


Xbox360 Premium Starter - $399 - walmart.com

HDD 20GB - included

HD-DVD Add-on - $179 - walmart.com

Wireless Network Adapter - $99 - walmart.com

Live Gold 12 month - $49 - walmart.com

Marvel Ultimate Alliance -included

Forza 2 Motorsports - included

Total - $726 plus tax


I know the post I quoted was rather old, but I'm just quite tired of people using price as a reason why the Xbox 360 is better. Even if you go back to the PS3 launch and take the 60GB launch price, just add $100 and the final price is still under the Xbox 360. I wont go any further, I'm just sick of people saying the PS3 is overpriced while the 360 is not, if you're going to say one is overpriced than they both are. [EndRant]

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The Wii.


At first, I was terribly disappointed at the lack of Euphoria and DMM, but the more I thought about it, 5 added levels really isn't a bad deal. The Wii is what I have, and I try to reduce my game-time wasting on one console per generation. Though, I don't think I prefer one console over another. They all have their ups and downs, and, I'll go with the most convenient. ( And, as far as you loyal PC-supporters . . . sorry. ;) )

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I will definitely be getting it on 360, but may also buy the PS2 version for the extra mission and download a game save with them unlocked, only for the extra missions while playing the 360 version for the main game. That is, if the extra content doesn't come out on XBox Live.


I will also be downloading the PSP version (I have a hacked PSP that can play ISOs) because the history missions look fascinating.


So I will quite possibly be getting three different version, one of them for free.

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