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[WIP] Darth Bane Head Skin


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Spent a few hours today on Photoshop crafting together a Darth Bane head skin. It's based on the Bald Asian head skin.


It's not finished yet, there's still a few things on the face that need to be sorted out. But it's still complete enough to be shown in preview form.




The screenshot shows a comparison of the previews of the skin to an image of Bane (From the Path of Destruction cover).


Comments or suggestions are welcome. I'm still now exactly sure how I'm going to release it. :p

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Hells bells!


Thats awsome!


Btw what happened to your Malak skin pack?

I haven't worked on the Darth Malak stuff for a long time now. It would be rather interesting to release all these assorted unreleased skins I've made over the past year in a single skin pack. Like Inryi's "Male Head Skin Pack". :p

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I've been working on an original robe that would accompany the head. A "Darth Bane Robe" or something. :p


Here's a preview of the robe. It's obviously FAR from finished, but it's shaping up nicely. It's a reskin of the default hoodless Revan robe - a model I've never worked with before.




I've been mainly working on the middle/lower parts of the robe so far. The The bright colours in the upper parts are just there so I know which part of the flat skin represents which part of the model whilst I'm working on it. It isn't final. :p


The layers of robes are definintly distinguishable from one another, which I believe is the key to skinning a realistic looking clothing item. For example one of the underlays "unzips" as it goes further down the robe - It's a neat little touch I added. :p

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