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Metal music to enjoy (for Brutal Legend)


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Does anyone here listen to metal music? I only gave the stuff a serious shot after Brutal Legend, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised that I like some of it. Here's some recommendations. This thread is for you to recommend metal bands, mind, and any offshoots of metal music - so even if you love Pixies (woo Pixies!) or Black Flag (woo Black Flag!), I wouldn't place it here. However, I would place power metal here, for example.


Personally I find a lot of (but not all) metal very sexist, and sometimes even misognystic, but some metal I enjoy:


- Black Sabbath


Not the heaviest metal band but certainly the first. I like their early stuff better but the stuff they did with Ronnie James Dio is pretty good. My two favourite albums are the eponymous one, Black Sabbath, and Mob Rules. Most people seem to like Paranoid and Master of Reality and they're OK but not really for me.


- Probot


I picked this up because Nirvana is my favourite band and Dave Grohl is the mastermind behind this. It's just the one record; Grohl plays all the instruments and gets various vocalists ranging from King Diamond to Lemmy Kilmister and Max Cavalera to do the singing, with their own lyrics. There's some really good songs on this thing and the drums on "Red War" are incredible. Plus it really gets you into painting dark, surreal landscapes if you're into that kind of thing


- Goatsnake


OK I never thought I'd like doom-metal but I checked them out because they were on the Southern Lord label. It's really good, not very heavy, but yet very accessible. I haven't picked up any of their CDs yet but I'm always on their MySpace when I'm studying. I always think of them when I listen to minimal tweeny pop, for some reason, like Attic Lights.


- Metallica


Well, obviously, no list on metal is complete without Metallica - whether good or bad. Not my favourite band but I'll be damned if Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning aren't good. And I like Master of Puppets but it's not on heavy rotation.


- Celtic Frost


Death metal, I guess, or something between black and doom. Not the world's most accessible band but fun to listen to if you can get into them. I like To Mega Therion.


- Mercyful Fate


Essentially, this is what happens when you get a group of talented, angry nutters and give them guitars. They sing about Satan the way Sinatra sings about strangers in the night, and a Black Mass is a wedding to these guys. I like their first EP a lot.


- Nightwish


Not purely metal, I guess, but anything that combines the heavyness of the greatest of metal bands with an orchestra and gets away with it earns a shoutout from me. I really like Dark Passion Play.

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ooooooooh metal *throws up the horns* i guess i can come up with a few recommendations.


First things first: Old(er) Korn


While newer Korn is still excellent, the earlier albums really capture Jon Davis' personal pain which is almost a requirement for all good metal. I recommend anything from the self titled first album or their second "Life is Peachy"


Next: Motörhead


I only really got into this one recently but they have been going for decades. Lemmy unique vocal style has inspired many an aspiring metal artist and is a must hear for anyone looking to get into the genre (see a pretty entertaining vid featuring an impressive puppet array



Third (and im totally showing my Guitar Hero fan colors here): Dragonforce


This definitely counts as epic metal. These guys are insane, taking riff rock to its farthest limits and introducing a playing tempo that coined the name of their first album "Inhuman Rampage". Watch the video for "Through the Fire and Flames"

and be in awe of the insanity


I love me some metal :) ill have to come up with some more

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I like Motorhead...sort of. I hate the lyrics. "Hit some bitch." Hmm.


Although I don't like them too much, a lot of people seem to recommend Rhapsody and Sonata Arctica for hardcore fantasy fans. I don't like them, myself, and think they pale next to, say, Sabbath, but...yeah. You might like them Haggis.

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Although I don't like them too much, a lot of people seem to recommend Rhapsody and Sonata Arctica for hardcore fantasy fans. I don't like them, myself, and think they pale next to, say, Sabbath, but...yeah. You might like them Haggis.

Yeah, well, Rhapsody is on my wishlist as well. They also did a cooperation thing with Christopher Lee, which is always interesting. I'll have to check out Sonata Arctica though. Oh, and I also like some of Battlelore's songs, mainly the more symphonic ones. And some free Metallica music is always nice.

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Hmmm, here's a few metal bands I'm well keen on:




They can be a little challenging at the first, but the more you listen the more you hear the all out awesomeness of this band. I could just dive into some of those riffs and live there for eternity. And they made a concept album about Foucault's Panopticon which was pretty damn cool, if not a a little wanky.


- Meshuggah


Very hard hitting, glitchy metal band. Gotta love those polyrythms. These guys have one of the best drummers in Metal.


- Pelican


Similar to ISIS, but without the vocals. This band can hammer out a pretty epic tune.


- Jesu


Another band in the same vain as Pelican and ISIS. Only these guys are a lot slower and have a much stronger Shoegaze influence. Very epic and bittersweet. It's music to crawl into a ball too whilst you contemplate your worthlessness and regret your past.... It's funner then it sounds.


- Black Sabbath


The first metal band EVER, they just have to be mentioned.



Other good bands are Godflesh, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon.


P.S. I'm a music geek.

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