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[K1] The KOTOR Weaponry Improvement Project

Lord of Hunger

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Inspired by the brilliance of Weapons of the Old Republic, I have decided to create a mod pack that will help improve the general aesthetics of the game.


Have you noticed how a lot of the weapons in this game have models that are reused over and over again? Kind of annoying, huh? WOTOR gave all the Party Members and most main characters unique weapons, but we are still left with a lot of repetitive weapons still.


Thus, The KOTOR Weaponry Improvement Project (KWIP)


The resulting mod will not change any stats, only models, skins, and icons. The 1.0 will be uploaded to KOTORFiles when ready. I'm not looking for lightsaber hilts at the moment. I will also be changing some of the base weapons like the blaster pistol and rifle because frankly I don't think Bioware's models and skins were all that great.


I am in need of people who can model and skin. I'll try and figure out the part about putting the models and skins into the game. New icons would also be good. If you are interest PM me or post here.


At the moment we have enough weapons for a 0.1 version.


A list of contributors so far:


Trandosian Sword-Queen of Night (complete)

Sith Tremor Sword-Drunkside (complete)

Mandalorian Assault Rifle-Azzamen (in development)

Mandalorian Heavy Blaster-Azzamen (in development)

Sith Sniper Rifle-TriggerGod (in development)

Blaster Pistol-DarthParametric (in development)

Blaster Rifle-DarthParametric (in development)

Echani Foil-Drunkside (complete)

Yusanis Brand-Drunkside (complete)

Naga Sadow's Poison Blade-Drunkside (complete)


Needed Materials:


Mandalorian Blaster Pistol-Model, Skin, and Icon

Mandalorian Ripper-Model, Skin, and Icon

Echani Vibroblade-Model, Skin, and Icon

Sith War Sword-Model, Skin, and Icon

Prototype Vibroblade-Model, Skin, and Icon


Note: If successful, I'll release a TSL version with the same materials.


More info to be uploaded later.


Lord of Hunger

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As I state above, I would like those changed as well in addition to most of the other weapons. I am keeping vibroblades, vibroswords, short swords, and long swords the same.


Care to contribute? :D *pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease


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Oooh. Sexy looking sniper rifle there TG. What's the poly count?


Low enough that it can work properly in KOTOR and TSL, as long as you don't use the dual wield 2 hand weapons mod and give 2 to yourself and 2 party members at the same time...



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2500?! That's insane.


You must be using insane number of sides for those cylinders. Smoothing groups are your friend.


Well I did try to make it an extremely high poly model.


But whats odd was when I finished making it, and when I checked the poly count, I could've sworn it said 1500...

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1500 is still ridiculous.


It is rather big, but the original intention wasn't really to put it into the KOTOR series. What I was going to do was put it into a higher end game. (I was thinking something along the lines of Crysis)

But if I can remodel the hilt using less polys, I will.

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That sniper rifle looks great. Is it possible to look the same ingame? I look forward to this mod. Do you think you can make one of of the rifles look like the M41-A We see in ALIENS, mainly a powerful weapon as the M41-A is a strong weapon and I am sure many of us are ALIENS fans as well as Star Wars fans. Here is a pic for reference. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v624/Zer07/PulseRifle_Green-1.jpg Keep up the good work.!

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I have some high poly models I did aeons ago (and never finished) that I can make available. Not usable in-game, but could be used as templates for anyone wanting to make low poly versions for this mod.




Han's ANH DL-44 Greedo Killer is about 50K quads and the DH-17 Rebel Blaster is about 30K quads. They are too big to load in GMax, so you'll need a real 3D app (Max, Maya, Lightwave, etc) to make use of them. I also have various reference material for these and a few other blasters that I can include.

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Yeah, keep it up! I always thought, the weapons with both kotor games looked too harmless to be real. At least, the weapons used in the movies actually look deadly being bases off a real British assualt rifle, aka the E-11 blaster rifle, and han's DL-44 was actually a real WWII gun they put extra parts on. So, at least GL thinks the guns in Star Wars should look deadly. Now, we just need to expand on that and add the knives and swords, too.


So, here's my suggestion: Take real modern warfare weapons, and even ancient ones like rapiers and then add things to them to make them look more futuristic. You would be amazed at the results. GL certainly was.

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Seeing as nobody expressed any interest, I decided to have a crack at a low poly mesh myself. This is the cantina scene "Greedo Killer" DL-44 variant, based on the high poly mesh I posted a pic of above. Still tweaking the mesh, so no UV map or textures yet. Working in quads so don't have a firm triangulated game mesh poly count, but I suspect something in the order of about 1200.



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