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Grrr!!!!! I found the meaning for the first line ("Nothing is real, everything is permitted", although I think you meant something else :xp:) but I can't find the second meaning!!! :swear: I guess this is to get me back? (The RP on TLOTI)

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Well, it must mean "Nothing is real, everything is permitted. Rest in peace." :xp: Google Translate on Detect Language says it's Italian to English, and the translation is what I said. And when I made it English-Italian to make the Italian version of "Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Rest in peace.", it made "Niente è vero, tutto è permesso. Riposa in pace." It's obviously wrong. Hey, not everyone types Italian right, and obviously the guy in Ubisoft who was supposed to do the Italian part isn't perfect.

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Well, the beta for Halo: Reach came out today, and my b-day is on Wednesday (which I'm hoping I'll get an XLive gold card for the beta), I think it's time for a new sig :D


1. A spartan from Halo: Reach in the armor lock position (should be some pics on Bungie's site)

2. From the beginning, you know the end

3. Spartan-III's! As many as you can!

4. UNSC symbol thingy

5. RC #38

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