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Your Favorite Non-LucasArts Adventure Games


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I have said this in other forums but:


The Gabriel Knight Series (Seirra, written by Jane Jensen) are not to be missed. They are listed as:

  • Sins of the Fathers (old school graphics)
  • The Beast Within (video interface)
  • Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (the best 3D interface I have ever encountered ...lots of camera options)


These are complex, horror stories that deal with events in real history and mythology. They are must plays. My favorite is the third, but they are all good in their own way.


I wish that the 4th game was not abandoned by Sierra ...Jane writes engaging storylines. Ah well. try them...they are great.

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I am thinking of asking for the Gabriel Knight 1/2 Pack for my birthday in January. I have already playe Gabriel Knight for abandonware it was pretty good and I played the demo for Gabriel Knight 3 but i didn't think that it was all that good.

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Broken Sword. The Sequel was superior, but this is the beginning of a soon-to-be trio, and it deserves the merit


Toonstruck. Great Game, Easy enough with a few nice puzzles and some great gags. Nicely structured game too.


Half-Life. Brilliant game.


The Sims. Original & Excellent


Rollercoaster Tycoon. I love it.

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The humour in Simon The Sorcerer is NOT mindless! It's just... er... English.


But to the point. My favourite non LucasArts advenutre games ARE:


Simon I and II (duh),

Discworld Noir (I played it so much I had to get new fingers),

The Last Express (top game, that)


Hmm. That's not very many.

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discworld games

broken sword games

liesure suit larry games

simon 1 and 2 (just dont even talk about 3, it's pure sacralige)

toon struck (such a PHAT game)


p.s. dont give me any of that Myst crap, that stuff should be burnt and sunk into the mariana trench!!! (no, not marijuana trench)


p.p.s. - half-life is NOT and adventure game!

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Are you saying that there are other adventure games besides Lucasarts?!!!!!



I've played and beaten the Journeyman Project Series, and, since Lemonhead refuses to accept Myst as an 'adventure', I guess I can't add the Myst series to the list. I really don't play many games, I just plat an elite few A WHOLE LOT!


Diablo 2, Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger (best game ever), and I own Finaly Fantasy VIII, but its bad. I dunno if you wanna consider these 'adventure', but I play them and they are my favorite.

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