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Model Ideas 4 others.


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what about doing a US soldier model


or you could take the back of the rebel's helmet off and add a backpack


i have wanted to do this for a long time but i cant model cause im not willing to spent a bajillion dollars or so on 3d studios max

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hey i know what would make a cool model. a ewok would be very cool. and have three versions of it. a regular warrior, then a jedi ewok, maybe with minimal clothing such as no sleeves or something. and last but not least, a sith ewok lol that would be so cool lol.

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lol i cant believe i ever heard of that lol. now i have to rent this lol. big thumbs up lol. i know theres another one called hardware wars thats out on video. i gotta rent that one. and also who can forget the movie space balls lol. well heres a few we pages that has star wars parodies you all might like.










and does anyone know how i can download this film? were can i get it? http://atomfilms.shockwave.com/af/content/empire_one

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umm perhaps a new jedi or sith zabrak with dredlocks to about the top of the neck would be cool, im not sure if i said this previously, but evan peill could be nice...



hey ninja, are you gunna do a new one of these in the ja thread here when it comes out?

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Originally posted by ninja


That one is so funny!


Someone make a dude pack!


Originally posted by

Alexi Vocheski

you can have the whole cast, loke groundrunner, ubi-doobie scoobie doobie banubi, black helmet man, han duet....

You forgotten the puppet!:yodac:

lol, His taunt would be:


I am a puppet!


Touch your tounge agains mine!



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hey i know what would be an awsome model "PREDATOR" from the predator series movies, comics, video games and so on. what better and most feared alien species in the universe than predator!


maybe someone can convert the models from aliens vs. predator 2 game. it was done for unreal tournament 2003. it might work here whatya say guys? also there is a predator mod being made for morrowind right now.


here's some refference pics.








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