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Model Ideas 4 others.


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Wondeful work. ;)


That's the problem that seems to be coming with some of the SW Models.


Take Coleman Trebor for example, his head is quite detailed, so the amount of poly's used there is high. So if someone ever decides to do detailed alien models, it's going to be a stressful project. ;)


Maybe you can just have Dex's floated head in-game. :D

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What I would like to see as a model maybe which I might make myself dunno I could try but maybe a better modeller could do it. I would like to see Angel the Vampire from the show Angel on the WB. Angel is a kick ass Vampire with a Soul who saves people and hes cool. Angelus his soulless evil self is cool to in an evil sort of way hehe. I would love it if someone made a model of Angel.



http://angelseries.freeservers.com/images/ACast7.jpg -Angel one in middle.

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Samurai Model has probly been the most requested Model in this thread so REsult! Go make one You Leet modelers! We will shower you with respect and occasional PMs of annoyance! muahahaha I agree a Ronin Model would own definitely with mroe surfaces. I have my own Ronin skin sorta http://www.roleplayersinc.com/realronin.jpg its pretty fun tis my own persoan lskin I use. Im having hima bit remodeled to have some more armor and complete with upside down saber mode....


--edit p[lz excuse the typos its late and i need sleep...going to get some now l8ers

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i read up above me somewhere sometihng about a spawn model...




then after thinking for a few mins(that hurt my brain) clown came to my head!!! and violator (model constraints may be too much for violator)


but hteyre jsut a few ideas

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