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Hi, I'm new!


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you're going to hate me for this:


Welcome to RogueSquadron.Net, Lynk Former!


And don't forget to check your sanity in at the door :D



  • Don't spam
  • Don't insult Lynk's puppet...er weasel :D
  • Don't tease Dark Sad Squirrel...errr Shadow :D
  • Don't flame unless you have a fireproof umbrella...because Cracken will rain hell on your house :D
  • Shut the door...it's freezing in here :D

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Also, you're doing it wrong...



[align=center]Hiya WhatEverYourNameIs and



I'm Lynk Former. webmaster of The Anime Crisis Center, long time member, Prime Minister, Graphic Designer of Aresen and Super Moderator of LucasForums. If you have any questions don't ask me cause I'm just a nog... :D


Now here are some things to know and some simple rules to go by in this mental asylum we call a forum...


¤ Don't spam

¤ Don't flame

¤ Don't insult Mr. Weasel mr_weasel.gif (he's in my avatar, he's the forum mascot)

¤ Don't piss off the mods/supermods/admins

¤ Don't worry, Rogue Nine is alwayz grumpy

¤ If you trip over it's cause Spot the invisible dog ran too close to you

¤ If DSS (Dark Sad Shadow) offers you milk... RUN!!

¤ Wacky_Baccy is a nog :p

¤ Sorry ladies, Daddy Gunner is married :xp:

¤ If you're naughty, leXX the forum mum will put you over her knee and spank you (rwar)

¤ ...Panties... :D


Now enjoy yourself and...



(...don't forget to close the door behind you it's freezing outside)






....wow that's so out of date...

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Let's see, we have three former moderators in here, now powerless and weak...



I'm currently thinking about some kind of re-initiation rite, for them an excellent way to show us loyalty and to regret past deeds.



So, ed, what were you just suggesting again?

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