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Originally posted by platypus202



I am also Father Torque's friend.


I have been brought here by Father Torque too.


I am gonna join the FTF, i am going to go for a sig pic.


One with yoda in it. I heard that you guys give good welcomes, so I expect one :p.

Hey!! Whats up new? Im Hellfire!


Welcome to the forums.

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Welcome you N00B!!!!!

First off, i would like to say that by making this one little thread, you have now sold your soul to the devil. You are trapped here forever. Believe me, Ive tried leaving. Its impossible. When you think youre away it pulls you back in for more. Damn you, LucasForums!


Secondly, heres an unofficial welcome basket I made in my "basement".

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....IS CERTAINLY A FRIEND OF MINE!!!!!!!! :D:D:D :cool::sbdance



Welcome to Lucasforums, Platypus.


*Hands him a hand-crafted golden fishing rod lightsaber.*


And oh yeah! Not to forget Austin.......


*Hands Austin Powers 9 a shagadelic golden fishing rod with his face on it.*


Got it from Dr. Evil........

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Welcome to the swamp, please except this complimentary six pack of blue milk on me! :D


It is made from the finest moisture farms on tattoine.




If your not old enough, stash it, so that your parents don't know where you got it.


99% of everything on here is rubbish, veiwer discretion is advised! :D

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