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WIP Anakin Skywalker


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This is what you need to do for it to totally rock , Make sure you make the eyes like the ones from your first pic. They were nice and crystal almost , very human , you could almost see them glizen and have life. The hair looks good , but just a few more strings of hair all over so it sorta sticks up and moves would give it a living feel. Also when you release the model make sure to have , a cloaked version as well. And please if you can , make the sith clouths , like the black fatigue that he might wear in ep3. And what would top this great model off , make a version with long hair , like the up coming ep3 film , unless you havnt heard. I would make the ep2 model , complete with cloak and everything , and then make a ep3 model , in dark uniform with long hair. And you should make the ep3 model clouths look like what ever you can imagine up. Good work .:fett:

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Awesome hair KevinCoyle I've got to know how you did that cause I'm planning on making a model with the same type of hair soon.


On an off topic side note for you KevinCoyle, you'll be happy to know the Legolas model you helped me out with is almost completed and you are on the list for an early release.:)

Thanks again!

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Holy carp Batman! This one snuck under my radar... very very nice Kevin! Hehe, how many models can you work on simultaneously? You're a powerhouse!


Yet again your eye for bone structure is amazing... fantastic!


One little suggestion, any chance some of these experiments with hair shaders will carry-over to Episode 1 & 2 Obi-Wan? I think Ep.2 Obi especially would benefit from it.


Please keep up the great work - you're a phenomenal talent!

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staying off subject( for the last time cuz I'm not going to clog

somones thread with totaly unrelated crap)

The avatar is the default icon for a saesee tiin model I made ,

I know it's not perfect but I cranked out six models in thirty days.

none are quite perfect but all are a blast to play with,and before

anyone hits this thread asking they are plo koon, saesee tiin,

eeth koth , shaak ti, some random muscle bound jedi that was in one of the comic books , darth bane also from a comic book,and

agen kolar another zabrak jedi.

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