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Best Box(es)

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I wanted to make this thread for awhile...For me the box of the game is one of the things that make it special...:D


So as the topic is fresh now with the Broken Sword 3 box...let's do it ;)



Which is your best box(es) and why do you like them?


Me...i really like the Gabriel Night Mysteries. Firstly, each BIG, and i love BIG ones, which you can hold in your arms (what can i say, i am a lunnatic :p ) then there is that wonderful use of the 2 boxes of the first and the second game. Gabriel's faces are getting in one and the left eye of the one is the right eye of the other. Also at the side there is in big letters "GABRIEL KNIGHT" bleeding. Wonderful...(and ofcourse the autograph of Jane :D )





Also i really like the box of "Atlantis : the lost tales"


It's mystical, beautiful, and ...well magic



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Hmm, I also like really much all Gabriel Knight boxes, I own all of them myself, except GK2.


Full Throttle is also quite cool.


But my personal favorite has been for over 10 years and running...


The good old and reliable Secret of the Monkey Island box.

I just love that piece of art.



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Being relatively new to adventure games than most of the rest of you, my collection of original Adventure Game boxes is small, if not non-existance.


I don't analyze and observe game boxes, so my rating for game boxes comes out of initial opinion. What happens to me when I first lay eyes on it ;)


But Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis would have to be the best I've ever seen. A rush of joy rose in me when I saw it - like happened with no other box.


Maybe also with AOE2: Age of Kings, considering the copy I got was the only one in my whole city, I guess there was reason for rejoicing when I saw it :p

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