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Heh, We just got doused with a bit of winter weather here in ol' Georgia, and I took pics! :D


Everything's iced over, but one pic interested me more then the others....the sky is doing something wierd. This is the natural pic, It is no way edited.





A dirt road by my house-



And last but not least, the closest thing to the tree of kings :D





Anybody else get hit with this stuff?

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I'm just glad the snow here in I-daho has slown down somewhat, at least enough for me to get the hell out of here lol. Ice has been a problem, thank goodness I don't drive 35 mph on a sheet of ice like most of the idiots here.

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Originally posted by Nikolai Daviolo

Snows all the time here in Mother Russia. Still, nice pictures. I love snow and cold, much better than annoying sun that gets in your eyes and gives you a healthy tan... disgusting...


Oh I love the sun and heat thats why I am moving to New Mexico in the states here.

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Nice pics there, Rhett! :D


I love winter weather because we hardly ever see any here in Georgia. I know that it is probably a pest to some of you up north/mid-atlantic/russia=P , but I freaking love it :D


I forgot to post a pic of a river about 10 mins from my house.



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I guess the grass is always greener...

I live in vegas, and it snowed here a month or so ago, but it didn't hit were we were :mad: We did drive up to it though, so it wasn't bad.

I would give ANYTYHING for it to snow and stuff here like that. FREAKIN ANYTHING.

I guess old sayings are true.



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Originally posted by STTCT

Well today is supposed to be a high of 62...kinda cold for us actually. It'll be partly cloudy...but I should be able to snap a pic or two. My car is finally washed!


it's -7 degrees celsius here... :(

Our car was frosted down this morning :mad:


[EDIT] It's 19.4 farenheit... have been colder :|

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