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Desktop Discussion (56K Abandon all hope ye who enter)


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Originally posted by Sabretooth



:p Found It, Rhett. :p


Cool, Deskies!

My response.


















This is on my old computer, upstairs, and reformated. I will post my new computer's desktop later.



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Originally posted by InsaneSith

hey, tie, shut up. Win 98 is still the most stable of the windows operating systems. :) atleast until you get XP Pro, which rocks your faaaace!

You know whats funny, both of my computers have Windows XP Professional :D



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lexx what a desktop!, now that is skin tight clothing, is it for sleekness? aerodynamics? or just distracing the guys?


Duh, distracting the guys of course. ;)


leXX, is that woman even wearing any pants?


Yes, yes she is. I'll tell you a funny story - I submitted that wallpaper to ThemeXP.org and it got refused because they thought it was a naked bottom aswell. Hmmm, grey bottom, nice! :D

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i have a rotating wallpaper with a bunch of different art or photographs from my favorite artists/photographers.


here's the one i have right now. CLINT EASTWOOD BABY!




and here are reduced size examples of what i have in the rotation list. it changes every 5 minutes.




oh. and before someone says anything. my desktop isn't a mess.

the top folder is info about an university I'm interrested of going to after i'm done college this year.

the top most pile to the right is research for a design contract I'm working on.

the middle left pile is my research for a tatoo I'm desinging for myself.

and the bottom pile is basicly my photography .jpgs I need to upload to my portfolio. :)

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