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Jedi Artifacts My Eye...


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You mean the artifacts that the salvagers pillaged? Yeah, they were there (past tense. I don't think there was anything interesting save what Jorran grabbed).

Quoted for emphasis! ;)


Random items or not, you will find only mundane items in the Enclaive, because all the good stuff is long gone.


Sorry Graphic, but this is what you get for skipping through game dialogues quickly. :xp:

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I got the crap from Jorren but everyone in town is telling me how the only good stuff is in the lower level because it's largely untouched, yet all that's there is garbage. I was expecting some sweet robes or a named lightsaber.


I agree Graphic. I was too looking forward to finding some robes and a few lightsabers down there. Instead all I got was getting killed several times by swarming laigreks.



Look, people, the salvagers who just came out of the lower levels say differently. They're the ones you should be paying attention to, not the militia, civilians, and rampant salvagers.

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And all of the other salvagers say that the sub-level is untouched and I'm crazy to go down there...you know?



And we have to factor in the obvious lore surrounding the enclave. The superstitious salvagers probably think that there are all sorts of magic Jedi apparel hidden in the lower levels, just because they're inaccessible.


The Jedi are a mystery. If the salvagers think that it's the Jedi’s fault that the planet got bombed, they're going to think a lot of other things about them that aren't true.

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To start with a Jedi Academy is crumbled.

Surrounding people: A Jedi Academy is crumbled.

One loser: Hey, must be some Jedi-ish stuff there...

Second loser: Hey! Must be a lot of artifacts there!

Third loser: OMG!! The place must be filled with Jedi Artifacts!!!

Six losers: Let's go get those!

Six more losers: They haven't returned... Must be a lot of Artifacts in there! Let's go get them!


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Precisely, Sabretooth!


Actually, there probably were some valuable artifacts in there. The sublevel houses the academy's archives, so therefore there must be holocrons there. And the Disciple tells you about how someone (Atris) had stolen all the holocrons that remained... and there's the fact that the Jedi Council arranged for all the artifacts to be shipped to Telos... and there's how orbital bomardment destroyed most of the academy... and there's the possibility that the laigreks ate/destroyed what was left....


So the possibility of finding artifacts has been ruled out. As for robes and crystals, do you think the Jedi just leave those things lying around? And if they did, they probably kept them in the upper level.

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